A color

An expression

A fruit perfectly ripe in its season.

None can configure the glory,

Of mystery’s sweetest gift.

Yet, the birds speak of its delight

And by night it is fireflies

The darkest forest’s light.

The bubbling

The overflow

The cup can bear no more.

And there where perception is gone,

Innocence is reborn.

I am full.

I am whole.


Nothing of worldly mass could ever compete,

With abundance of joy.

And in sharing it is made complete.

Woven together like the

grandest tapestry.

We are the golden strands.

Love the great Weaver

And as for joy, it is manifest.

Every time.

The trinity

The first 3 fruits of the tree

The assurance of perfection


In the heart of you and me


11052405_10153284104991967_370264049425087619_nWhen I first started to write of joy, I lost all language. How could I explain something so permeating? All I kept thinking of was my new born son, Gabriel‘s, smile.  When he smiles his soul seems to pour out of his eyes and slide right down his face. They remind me of the sun reflecting off the deep ocean. He is perfect joy, and where there is real joy, theres always more than enough joy to go around! (For those cotton headed ninny muggers who want to say every babe’s smile is gas; I tell you truly that in our house GAS is a three letter word that is depicted by a face of a determined and skilled athlete.)

I truly believe that the heart of a child is pure, and remains that way. The hard drive only gets overcrowded with learned judgments and fears. Gabriel is a lion heart. He lives with his heart  fiercely and knows nothing of “good” or “bad” so that joy comes pretty naturally to this guy.  He just sees things for what they are. And apparently there is a lot to smile about. When we get out of the way and live from our heart, we begin to live from the highest plane of existence; Love.

Love becomes the center of all that we encounter. Truly, the All in All. The nice thing about this place is that it doesn’t change while everything else does. It is universal law, much like the law of the conservation of energy, and it reigns supreme.  Where there is unconditional love in play, joy is always the natural overflow. Joy is always the output of love. So, all of this from my little son’s smile? Yes, maybe.

– Callie Fields Gwin

Callie and husband, Joshua

Callie with her husband, Joshua

Callie Fields Gwin, recently changed to Mama. Her son, Gabriel Sage, is a 2 month old, happy, big boy. Every day he fills me up with joy. Callie’s big kid, Joshua, is her husband.  He is her very best friend. They love to hike and travel together.  Callie enjoys creating whatever she can get her hands on. Particularly growing herbs and veggies, making herbal healing remedies and cosmetics; and cooking good food. She is a healer and a light worker in training. Callie will be a licensed massage therapist Summer of 2015, and she aspires to have an entire holistic healing center for all; with her sweet husband as co partner. She loves music, and the mountains. Callie has enjoyed writing since childhood. She signs off saying, “I am Daughter.  I am Mother. Namaste!”

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