Jozmos: “Experience Will Give You Wisdom”

“Experience Will Give You Wisdom” is a quote from Yogi Tea.  It is one of those little joyous sayings attached to each bag of tea. That one jumped out at me one day as I was making my early morning cup of green tea. Profound thoughts arose of gaining an experience of everything so that I could reach my far away goals of being wise.

An older, version of myself with long silver flowing hair and beard appeared in my mind’s eye. Then of course, a little voice of fear crept up, bantering me with frightening thoughts of what I’ll have to experience to get that wisdom. On the other hand, the wisdom I have already gained tells that weak, scared voice that “all will be well”, and wisdom wins out. Usually.

Like Gandalf from ‘The Lord of the Rings‘, Thom Merrilin from ‘The Wheel of Time‘; and, Yoda & Obi Wan Kenobi from ‘Star Wars‘, wisdom is probably the highest attainable goal I’ve set for myself in life:  to have all that experience, to have really lived, seen, and felt life, and used all that experience to make good decisions on this journey; to be an example for anyone who needs it, while never trying to “save” a soul, unless it cries out for help.

Wisdom is knowing when to use abilities for the greatest good, to the benefit of serving others, and serving my own self with the greatest love I can find. This includes the wonderful ability to keep my mouth shut when I feel and know I shouldn’t speak on something, whether or not my mind thinks that I’m “right”. Wisdom knows that I am not always right, and even if it were the case, what’s really the point in being “right”, or winning the arguments? I am still in constant practice working on this goal. If my being “right” causes others harm in any way, is it wise to point it out or “win” that argument? It doesn’t feel like it. Oh, my ego may find temporary joy in it.   Yet it’s not lasting when it makes another part of me weep. To quote Dale Carnegie – “A man convinced against his will / Is of the same opinion still”.

I choose peace.  When I don’t have any or enough evidence to determine what “side” is “right” and which is “wrong”, I’ll be neither for or against. I will save my strengths for the rebuilding of that which is destroyed by those “us vs. them sides.” That is wisdom. Staying out of the drama and conflict.


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Wisdom is knowing that in most arguments and disagreements, the media, the powers that be, the controllers of the world, economy etc… are the ones stirring up hatred amongst the people. Take the time to talk to one another face to face as people, not hiding behind a keyboard, and you’ll see, that the mainstream media, largely misrepresents most of us who are passionate about views. They do need ratings to get paid, remember. Don’t let them teach you into hating your fellow humans. Wisdom is becoming the peacemaker of all situations.

Wisdom. It’s not all about just what’s out in the world, or the immediate people around me. It’s about how I choose to treat myself. For example, I have wisdom to choose not to eat deep-fried foods that upset my stomach, and other systems of the body. I choose to not over do it on the foods and drinks, because it’s a horrible feeling when I do so. There are some things I will not put in my body because I have learned that it’s not good, nor does it feel good. When I choose to not do those things, it’s a victory. Though I fail from time to time, wisdom tells me it’s okay, I’m human with faults, and beating myself up will only make it worse.

This also applies to how I talk to myself. I realize I don’t speak with wisdom when I talk to myself, at least, not as often as I’d like.  Negative self talk is in no way wise.  Self encouragement is a better way.  I’m finding daily now that beating myself up with words, using guilt and shame to punish me for making mistakes is in no way wise.  So, I’ve got some work to do.  The path is still long and narrow, and it seems as if I’m going in circles from time to time. I always have to remember again and again to learn from those mistakes and choose wisdom.



Jozzy Allman, Columnist ‘Jozmos’

Jozzy NewJozzy is an advocate for health and wellness, of body, mind, and emotions. He shares “what works for (him).” Jozzy also spins fire and cooks creative cuisine.


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