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Transformation is an art, especially as it relates to furniture.  That weary cabinet, table, or chair that hears the call of a trash bin is rejuvenated, ready to live again. The wizard, Debra Flint-Salter, owner of Just an Illusion, does more than wave a wand to renovate furniture. Salter also recreates furniture, embellishing and repainting. She has been in the business since 1996, and she designs not only for her clients, but for herself.

I’m not the cobbler without shoes!

Before of a chest that needed shelf and repair of doors to close.


Designed Screen

Games anyone?

After of chair with fabric I had, painted gold metallic, with gold cord rope embellishing the backside, with window screen fabric painted gold as insert. A theatrical concept for a staging job used for banquet table.

Old furniture is inspiration for Flint-Salter.  She provides fanciful design for a child’s bedroom.

Recreated children’s bedroom set










“My desire was to stretch my scope and explore additional areas of what is pleasant and functional, in one’s home.Therefore, I have recently launched a line of jewelry displays for earrings, bracelets, and watches. For women and little girls! They are one of a kind, handpainted original designs, that are also functional art pieces.”

“Window display, with bracelet holder I designed.”

My philosophy with my displays are the same, as it relates to my home decorating:

Indulge in the visions that one should not limit themselves to. My objective is to express a creative spirit, to bring to your home, to life, what often appears to be…Just An Illusion.”

The idea is to imagine your heart’s desire with furniture, and the wizardry of Debra Flint-Salter makes it happen.  Her physical space is

-Debra Flint-Salter

Debra Flint-Salter is a Chicago Independent Business Owner whose business has flourished by word of mouth and who is now in cyber-space.  Contact her at:  Just An Illusion, Inc.,

Call (773) 354-8452


Writer:  Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Garden Spices Magazine


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