Gemstones are said to emit the energy needed to heal mind, body, and spirit.  These precious treasures from Mother Earth are featured in jewelry by Karen Gill and Ronda Le Blanc.



     onyx, fine & etched, patina German silver

Karen Joy Jewelry was established in 2005 with my daughter, Sophia. She has since moved on while my commitment to creating unusual, well-constructed, handcrafted jewelry continues. I thank God for directing me down this path of beauty, art, creativity, and craft and for the wonderful people who have encouraged, taught, and shopped with me




“Signature Shell” A stunning, etched, copper cuff with a beautiful red wax finish.




“Since making my first hatpin, working at my jeweler’s bench has brought me both joy and peace.”                 


“Joy’s Hoops” 18k gold plate


There has been so much violence in our community I  had to do   something to hopefully help to turn this  around and promote peace. 10257483_781607191874170_546477380304681057_oReaching back to the hippy days, the peace symbol  has been resurrected   and the The “Peace Collection”  created.”

179855_186015418100020_7735094_n-Karen Joy Gill



An attempt to swaddle in soft gray and winter white. They combine with any neutral and all shades of teal, blue or green. Very ethereal with chartreuse.



Turquoise, amethyst, coral, lapis and citrine 1921118_686052608084223_710631920_o


Large bronze chain natural amethyst and chrysoprase stones . 

1017067_595755487113936_1332962432_nRonda LeBlanc

1935865_1102854137598_3167556_nRonda is inspired by nature and the elevating qualities of gemstones.
Her jewelry is a part of her service to the world.  Each piece is governed by her spirit,
and presented in thoughtful design.  Her jewelry is like her — ethereal.

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