Lives Laid Down: Everett L. Carter, Sr.

I met Sgt. Everett L. Carter at his studio at  Lowe’s Mill ARTS, in Huntsville, AL.  He welcomed William Leroy Kennedy and me, introduced us to his major project, Lives Laid Down, and told us about the horrific treatment given to many Soldiers, now, Veterans. He served in the Viet Nam War.

In this country, we say “We will never forget.”  Sgt. Carter makes sure we remember by painting tributes to the many soldiers that served and fought for the USA.  Sgt. Carter’s art activism and his story are powerful.  We welcome Sgt. Carter and his work to our pages. – Victorine

Messages from Sgt. Carter

“After you serve your country, you are a changed person. You’ve seen, upfront, what the cost of freedom is all about. Some people never see that. I’m proud and glad I did”

“After going through the war that I went through, I expected some change. Things changed but basically remained the same. You feel that when you’re a soldier and go fight for your country if you aren’t free before you go, you should be when you get back. That was not the case for me.”

“If I had to do it all over again I would. I would because I love my country. I love the people of this country. This country is so diversified now, because of “(Give) me your tired, your poor…”  Bring me your hungry. Everybody in the world has heard that for generations. To me, the United States of America is a beaconing light for anybody that has been downtrodden regardless of race, creed, or color.” We are all of the human race, this fact will never change, stand up, be proud of the country that you live in. Many have given everything that God gave them to give so we can live free. “Respect the gift.” Let’s do our best to live a life that we can be proud of so when it’s time for us to depart this place we will have no regrets.

                        Everett L. Carter, Sr.
                         Tour of duty, Vietnam 1968- 69
                            Proud to have served.

Purpose of Website

“The purpose of this site is to showcase ONE of one man’s contributions to honor All Vietnam Veterans, as well as the veterans of every war throughout time.Sgt. Everett L. Carter Sr. has created a work of art measuring 3 feet by 24 feet; an oil painting on six connected canvases, (below).

What sets this work of art apart is the method used to complete it, over an almost seven month span. This piece is created in a mosaic fashion, exploiting the wooden shaft of a broken paintbrush for the purpose of placing ‘DOTS’ on the canvas, ONE DOT for every American Soldier Lost in the war in Vietnam.

There may be some dispute on the exact number of those Lives Laid Down, but there is no dispute that they should be recognized.”



Title: Monsoon Original oil on canvas Size: 24″ X 4′


Everett L Carter, (L) (The Artist) A Model for the soldier; Huntsville Veterans Memorial

Huntsville Veterans Memorial

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Sgt. Everett L. Carter

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