Mary Young: Indigo Magic

Indigo.  It is the color of spirituality, the third eye, wisdom, creativity, devotion.  Indigo renders the soul to take a moment to breathe and flow into the vastness and depth of its color.  No wonder artist Mary Young was attracted to express this color in textiles.  No wonder I was attracted to her work.  Welcome to Garden Spices, Mary Young.  Our spirits have been waiting for you. – Victorine


Mary Young is a Visual Artist and Textile Designer, her studio practice investigates the translation of visual language through signs & symbols of Eastern and Western cultures expressive of everyday life experiences. Their relationship to a “Symbolic Language” is commonly viewed as part of a greater global society.

Through the use of charts and technology Mary experiments with a variety of different fabrics embellished with Adinkra stamps while focusing on the ancient traditional use of Indigo Vat-Dye techniques. This magical plant-based dye combined with chemistry creates amazing outcomes through the creative process.

Extensive research of symbols used in Asian and African cultures throughout the world revealed similarities that serve as a foundation to create a contemporary “Symbolic Language”.  Her work explores the interconnections through the language and imagery of the world and crosses borders in ancient cultures to stimulate today’s urban language through textile designs.

Studio Practice starting with the banner, Evolution

“Thankful and grateful🙏🏾❤️
Prayers go up! Blessings come down.”

Indigo with Shibori Technique

Indigo with Shibori Technique











Indigo State of Mind. Photo: Tony Smith

“Mosaic Study” (6”x6”)


Mary Young, with Chakra Banner

Mary Young provides instruction in Textile Design inspiring and guiding artistry at institutions including the University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program; South-Side Community Art Center; Hyde Park Art Center and Arthur Dixon Elementary School.

Mary is known for her leadership positions in Arts Administration at cultural institutions throughout the City of Chicago and served on grant panels with the Illinois Arts Council and Department of Cultural Affairs. Mary’s exhibitions have included galleries in Michigan City, IN(Southern Shore Art Association); Chicago, IL (Pop-up Exhibition/THE ROOM);(Under The Bridge Studio/Gallery); (South-Side Community Art Center); (BLANC Gallery); GlenEcho, MD (Glen Echo Gallery); and Washington, DC (Mary McCloud Bethune Museum). Additionally, several of Mary’s Tapestries can be found in private collections throughout SanFrancisco, CA.

She is the recipient of several awards including a Study-Abroad Program to Italy, an International Artist Exchange Program to Australia, and a Summer Artist Residency with the Department of Interior, Parks and Recreation, in Washington, DC. Mary was awarded an Inaugural Residency Program in 2015-16 with THE ROOM in Chicago, IL, followed by a Merit Scholarship to Ox-Bow School of Art & Residencies for Summer 2016 in Saugatuck, MI. More recently she was awarded a Teaching Artist Residency at the Hyde Park Art Center in2018. Currently, Mary is the recipient of four commissions with the Hyde Park Art Center’s “Not Just Another Pretty Face” Program culminating with a Group Exhibition during the Fall/Winter2019-2020 with a catalog.

Mary A Young I Visual Artist I Textile Designer  Inaugural Residency Artist & Studio Practice at THE ROOM I Arts Management Consultant Email : Phone : 312.433.9796


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    Michael Wisher

    ❤️ the folded “blues” ,muted , and bold. Impressive.

  • Reply August 16, 2021

    Rebecca Zicarelli

    Just wonderful. I’m so happy to see Mary Young’s vital living indigo art broadly shared it with others here. Thank you for the beautiful blessings, Mary!

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