Artist: Mikel Elam

I met his #sketchbook on Facebook.  Mikel Elam’s work was/is soul-mesmerizing.  The dimensions, layered with emotion were time-sensitive for me. They depicted a cry for mindfulness in the form of justice for humankind and the universe.  Like the universe, Garden Spices needed to exhibit some of his work for recognition and healing.  Welcome to our pages, Mikel Elam. – Victorine


I am in search of my higher consciousness, all within the constraints of this part melanin-based vessel. Some say we arrive out of the womb already aware of our destiny. I have always gravitated toward future ideas: new approaches and ways of looking at things. I’ve been searching for humanity within the sea of infinite compassion. Simply trying to get closer to the divine. I meditate twice a day. I try to nourish my body and my soul with proper sustenance. My art practice is a continuation of these values. Often leading me into observations about this life and its consequences.

I love all of the art forms. I am most adept with pigments and painting devices. I listen to music, watch films, read constantly. Although when starting a painting, I work in silence. It gives me better clarity in developing a dialogue and a narrative within the art itself. Once the work is able to stand up; I can then begin to introduce external sounds to continue my practice.

I would say the single most reoccurring theme in my work is about identity. Especially in these times filled with such animosity towards the skin that many of my brothers and sisters inhabit. It is within this framework my paintings are born. The art, for me, is both an evaluation and validation of our existence. We exist. We are beautiful. We are powerful and humane. We are love.

There is greatness within all of us. The external world has attempted to erase that dignity. As a painter, I think I can retell the story as it should be. We should be included. We are important to the balance of life. Science has formally stated,” All life began in Africa.” Every life form that aspires to eradicate us is technically erasing itself.

Life should be about balance. I want to live in peace. Peace is a frame of mind. Through art and my spiritual practice, I have been able to find a balance of all things human. I have no control over external noise. I only have control over myself and my ideals

Mikel Elam 2020

Mikel Elam 2021 Afrofuturism


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    Hayward fontenot

    Your vision has been a gift for me and I thank you. ❣

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