Morning Flow

From my heart to yours:

It’s 6:45 am. The kids are in bed and it’s dark in my living room, aside from the lamp on the side table next to me illuminating the succulents basking in its glow.

And here I am, with coffee, blanket and computer on my lap, preparing for my day. The kids will be up soon. We’ll make breakfast, talk about our intentions for the day and then each one will make their way off to school. But me? I’ll come home and meet with a client who’s been a dream to work with. We’re wrapping up our time together. Today we’re diving into the personality, fears and needs of her ideal client, while curating her brand’s unique selling position and marketing message. Because she’s here to serve and doesn’t want to risk missing out on that chance by blending in.

So it’s 6:50 am now. Yes, I suppose I’m “working” before dawn. But I feel alive. (And for such a long time, I didn’t feel alive. I was good at looking like I was… but what I wanted most was for ALIVE to be my truth.)

It’s been a process of leaning in, listening, pausing, resting and hustling too. Shedding. Lots of shedding – beliefs, fears, ideals and expectations … For so long, too long, I’d see the light at the end of the tunnel and hold on, because I could see the light…..

And now, at 6:55am, I’m enjoying the glow of the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s dressed as a table lamp and even the succulents feel the peace that it brings.

Breathing deeply. The kids will wake soon. I’m beyond blessed, but not lucky; because I didn’t “end up” with my life being this way. I chose it. I made it so. Through tears and frustration, longing and hope, I stayed with my vision. To be of high service in the world while being home to inspire my sons in powerful ways, is all I’ve ever wanted.

And at 7:00 am, as the sky turns a brighter shade of smoky blue, I give thanks and start my day.

-Navae Lukas

Navae Lukas is a lover, mother and artist, passionate about human connection and self expression. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she now lives in Portland, Oregon but travels often and loves to experience new places and cultures. She is a brand stylist that specializes in authentic artist development for the music industry, but loves to write as a way to express her heart, connect with and impact others on a deeper level. 



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