New Directions: Celebrations – Then and Now


Aside from the everyday type of celebrations – ones I took for granted that everyone experienced like birthdays and holidays – I can remember a few very distinct times I considered to be “special” celebrations in years past.

The first was passing my driver’s license test – only slightly dampened by the fact that not only did my mother take the test at the same time I did, she made a better score on the drivers’ part.  Pretty embarrassing for a know-it-all teenager – really!

The next celebration that comes to mind was my 21st birthday celebration – finally able to drink legally – even though in prior years I had imbibed a time or two.

Then there was my graduation from college – later in life as I had chosen to skip that step to attend a fashion merchandising and modeling school – hopefully to spring myself from being such an awkward, self-conscious and shy being.  Can’t say this was accomplished but at least most folks wouldn’t consider me shy – I just learned to force myself to do things I feared and to jump in with both feet as much as I could muster.  I experienced a number of jobs before landing at one that helped pay for my college tuition while working full time and doing some traveling in that position.

Finally, in the category of “then” celebrations is my late first marriage to the guy who has been in my life for 38 years now – married for 36.  I never had any intentions around marriage – but I did get a wild hair one day and decided to write a list of characteristics I would want in a partner – lo and behold, he appeared about 6 months later.  I tease him to this day that my list should have been expanded somewhat.

Now on to my idea of celebrations in the now.  The definition has broadened considerably as every day on the earth can potentially give rise to a reason to celebrate.  And while I don’t always make that connection, I do attempt to do so by bringing my blessings to mind and being thankful for the gift of what now has been a pretty long life.

May it be so for you and yours – ashay and amen. / / (256) 764-1153

Linda was raised in the Midwest, graduated from Saint Louis University and hired into a corporate position with Reynolds Aluminum. She met, married and traveled with her husband for a number of years before moving back to his home place – The Shoals in Alabama. There Linda was introduced to life coaching and took to it like “duck to water”. Her empathetic nature coupled with a desire to help people help themselves; led her to and through a number of certifications, in different modalities. Linda currently practices as a Wellness Coach plying her trade in Florence, Alabama





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