By Tekla A. Syers

Sit down and listen…no talking.
It’ll be good for you.

Let’s listen to Yo Yo Ma.


Be still. No humming along
OOor toe tapping.

We’re going to let Yo Yo Ma

OOrenew and realign us,

OOmentally and physically.

Set Yo Yo Ma to play
OOand all we have to do is listen.

Find a comfortable seat

OOand position yourself

OOto listen.

Once the music starts
OOdon’t say anything.

Effortlessly follow the music,

OObut as you never have before.

Insist that your stiff shoulder listen.
Pay attention

OOand see that it does.

You’ll thank me later.

Now what about that troublesome knee
OOor that headache?

Hearing is not limited
OOto our ears.

And hearing heals.

Are your fingers listening?
Yo Yo Ma has a way with fingers

OOand toes.

Don’t let them miss this tuneup.

I direct my neck to listen.
It feels so good.

Notes vibrating away stress

OOin joints and muscles.

Melodies rejuvenating organs

OOand replacing tension.

Just sitting here listening

OOto Yo Yo Ma.

My shoulders
OOand the length of my spine

OOenjoy listening.

My right hip
OOlistens more intently.

It needs it.

Who knew
OOthat Yo Yo Ma was a physical therapist?

That Yo Yo Ma!

Each muscle relaxes
OOas it listens.

Just be still and listen.

My scalp listens
OOand wonders

OOdoes Yo Yo Ma trigger hair growth?

My lungs breathe easy
OOand in tune

OOas they listen.

My mind is present
OOand at ease.

And my attention draws the healing melodies
OOfrom heart to head

OOto hand,

OOfrom one part of my body

OOto another

OOlingering as it will

OOwhere it will.

Offer yourself
OOthis gift.

Join me and Yo Yo Ma.

Sit down and listen…no talking.

Tekla A. Syers resides in Chicago as a student and teacher of metaphysics; smitten grandmother; dabbler in culinary arts; semi-retired fund development and nonprofit management consultant; and a craftswoman. She enjoys music and art in myriad forms and makes time to observe and reflect on why folks and things are as they are.

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