Throw -in Greens



I’m really expert at throwing in food.  I can’t seem to follow a recipe for love or money, but I can throw food in a pot, pan, or bowl, especially greens.  A few of my throw-ins:



Throw-in Greens

About 1-1/2 Tbsps. Olive oil

chopped 1 clove garlic

chopped onions

fresh basil, cilantro


smidgen of Braggs Amino

sun dried tomatoes (By the way, I sun dry them in the oven)

any kind of greens — Kale, Spinach, Turnips, etc.

Put that oil in a wok or pan, sautee onions, then garlic (Don’t let garlic burn.  Ask me how I know this…).

Throw in basil, greens, cilantro. Stir lightly, until greens are bright and coated with the oil.  Doesn’t take long to cook, 2 -3 mins. at best.

Add tomatoes, Braggs , and pepper to taste.


 Throw-in/Fast Bake

Brocolli, Cabbage, chopped, or sliced

Olive Oil

Rosemary, Basil,Pepper, Sea Salt-optional

Preheat oven, 325 degrees

Spread veggies on a pan.

Brush with oil, and sprinkle seasonings on top, sprinkle to cover. (If using salt, go low.)

Roast in oven – 325, about 10-15 mins.

Why so high and fast?  Cooks them quickly and crunchy! YUM!

Both Above Recipes

Throw in any other veggies, nuts, or mushrooms with both these recipes, and you can’t lose.


Any greens, with almost any veggie, with apple cider vinegar and olive oil.  Throw-in, and rock it!


Now, comes the invitation.  I know there are some of you, who like me, do not like long recipes.  Send me your favorite Throw-ins, green or not.



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