Our Internal Power

So many people think that power is either physical strength and/or financial capability.  Those are absolute external forms of power.  However, I want to talk about internal power.

We live in a world of cause and effect.  If we try to force creation through external power (in other words try to make things happen), we are dealing with the world of effect.  This is like trying to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.  The ship is still going down.  When we use our internal power to create, we are coming from the world of cause and can actually make a difference in our lives.

Our beliefs are where our power lies.  If we feel powerless, it comes from our belief that we are a victim of our life circumstances.  If we can claim our Oneness and acknowledge our part in the Source of all things, then that belief will bring us the Power that is ours by birthright.

Whether you are Christian or not, Jesus’s teachings are a powerful blueprint for how to do life.  I see Jesus as a great example of how to use that internal power that we all have. I believe that his purpose was to show us who we are and what we can do.  He is an example of what using our internal power looks like.

When I started to see Jesus as the Great Example instead of the great exception, I started to wonder if I could do what he did.  I knew that the only way I could find out was by trying.  We can only know if we have the internal power of creation by using it.

As a child, my Mother gave me a great gift.  She called it “mind over matter” or the power of our beliefs over the material world.  It seemed to be a small thing, but my Mother taught me that I didn’t have to burn if I touched something hot.  As I got older, I began to see that my beliefs could affect my reality.  The more I believed in myself as a powerful being with the same abilities as Jesus demonstrated, the more I could change things that seemed unchangeable.

Gifford Power

It takes a strong belief in our own internal power, but when we claim it steadfastly, we are capable of anything.  The possibilities are infinite.

Years ago, I was walking in the woods and stepped in a hole.  I heard and felt the bone snap and knew I had broken my ankle.  I grabbed the nearest tree and hung on.  I knew that if I allowed myself to believe in the break I would be in trouble.  So instead I chose to go to the Truth of “all is well.” I claimed my ankle as whole and perfect, strong and well, until I “knew” it was true with every fiber of my being.   I then put my foot down and walked out of there with no adverse effects.

Our human mind wants to explain this away as impossible or a mistake, or something one of us can do but certainly not everyone.  The truth is that we all have the power to change our experience in an instant if we can get past the “doubting Thomas” in our mind. We all can create our life from the quantum field of infinite possibilities (God, the Force, the Universe, etc.) that even science is telling us we can use in every moment.

You just have to be open minded enough to try it.  Suspend your disbelief long enough to claim your power.  Believe in yourself and your internal power and there is nothing you can’t achieve!

– Rev. Grace Gifford

GiffordRev. Grace Gifford is a 30 year student of Truth. She graduated from ministerial studies with Religious Science International (RSI) in 2001, serving as Staff Minister at the Center for Conscious Living (now The Center for Spiritual Living) in Huntsville, AL through 2007. Gifford was ordained in Oct. 2007 by Transformational Ministries Inc., an Independent New Thought Ministry. She regularly speaks and offers classes at Unity Church On The Mountain in Huntsville. Some of her classes and workshops have included: “You Are a Powerful Creator”; “Are You Ready for Love?”; “Experiencing Prayer”; “Loving Your Body to Wholeness”; Extreme Self-Care” and “No More Excuses”. Gifford’s vision is to transform lives through Love and expanding spiritual awareness. She shares her ministry around the southeast, speaking and teaching the Truth of Oneness at various New Thought Churches.


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