Primal Art


Primal Art

I have no words
Don’t know how
Chilled rain outside
Dirty cave
Lips quivering,
Body trembling

Dark knight
Bright sunlight
Dark knight
Nothing to do
Fire is out
Burnt sticks
Next to the fire
I feel an urge
What to do

Grabbed burnt log
Stain on my hands
Brushed my hand
On cold cave wall
Left a mark,
Now a straight line
Made a curved line
Drew a head
And a tail.
Like an animal
It is
I do another one

Ah, an old bone
Had blood on it
Touched it
On cold wall
Smeared on animal

Tall man walked in
Laughed at my animals
On the cave wall
Saddened me

Felt bad

Days passed
Ground offered colors.
Put more animals
On the wall
The cold rain stopped
Bright sunlight
I left the cave

Foot Notes:
(CNN) Around 70,000 years ago, a Neanderthal was laid to rest in Shanidar Cave. Excavations 

“In recent years we have seen increasing evidence that Neanderthals were more sophisticated than previously thought, from cave markings to use of decorative shells and raptor talons,” said Pomeroy.

Caves at Altamira

The Cave of Altamira is located near the historic town of Santillana del Mar in Cantabria, Spain. It is renowned for prehistoric parietal cave art featuring charcoal drawings and polychrome paintings of contemporary local fauna and human hands. Wikipedia

Featured image:  by Museo de Altamira y D. Rodríguez, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Copyright© 2020 Robert V Gerard

Dr. Robert V. Gerard — Holistic Psychologist, author and lecturer, philosopher and poet

Rob GerardDr. Gerard graduated from the State University of New York in Farmingdale and began his working career as a civil engineer in 1965.  Finding his interests lay with people, he completed a B. A. in Social Psychology at Florida Atlantic University (1978) and a M.S. in Management/Organizational Psychology at Nova University (1981). He attended the Ph.D. Adult Educational Program Management at Georgia State University (1983-85) and attended the East-West Psychology Ph.D. at the California Institute for Integral Studies (1989-92). In 1998, he completed his Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy at The College of Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater, Florida.

Gerard’s work experience spans over forty-five years and crosses major industries including engineering, manufacturing, banking, education, therapeutics, publishing, and holistic psychology.  He has worked for major corporations, chaired an international convention, and spearheaded many training programs.

Dr. Gerard sustains a private counseling practice in Holistic and Organizational Psychology. He offers lectures, seminars, and workshops worldwide on self-help, self-empowerment, verbal communication, and programs on enlightenment.  He has written two novels: Lady from Atlantis, and The Corporate Mule, and three non-fiction self-help books: DNA Healing Techniques, Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!, and Handling Verbal Confrontation-Take the Fear Out of Facing Others.

He has co-authored Divine Quick-Fix Healings, Icon Code TechniquesTM, Icon Power for Kids, The Health Acceleration Kit for Pets, and Hands of Peace. He has published dozens of articles and has produced several CDs and DVDs, which are available through Oughten House Foundation, Inc.

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