Whose Monument Project: Project Say Something Workshop on the Confederacy

So much of the Confederate symbol idolatry is based upon the false narrative of the Lost Cause. Project Say Something has been protesting a monument that sits in front of the Lauderdale County Courthouse, in Florence, AL.

True to its mission to educate while taking action, PSS conducted a workshop on fact-based Confederate history. PSS Board participants include Brian Murphy, Taurus Bennett, Facilitator, and Sub-board Member, Lee Murkey.





-Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy works as a historian for the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area and the City of Florence Museums. His research interests include African American history, the history of urban renewal and public housing, and Civil War memory. Board member and Historian, Project Say Something


Lee Murkey Lee Murkey, Independent Scholar, published illustrator, video essayist, and soon to be published writer. Sub-Board Member, Project Say Something




-Taurus BennettTaurus just shifted.  He sold his insurance business and is now pursuing his soul’s purpose as a grant writer and Community Outreach activist.  He is Vice President, Project Say Something.  He is co-owner of Focus-Scope, a child enrichment and an engaged husband and father.

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