Relaxing at Home: “Gather round…”

My sister and brother/friends Denice and Tucker Lott are living their miracles.  They have navigated serious family illnesses, a thriving business, their non-profit, Soul of Santa, and, recently, the renovation of their home.  Relaxation is paramount to their well-being, and the sunroom created to harbor the healing, rest, and entertaining of their family is exquisitely accommodating. The accented colors, the decor, and every nuance of this space encourage a necessary  Ahhh. – Victorine

It’s the colors that captured my eye – the mixture of tangerine and gray are soothing, yet vibrantly complement the vision of green beyond the space. The accents, like the Indian throw with tassels and the black and white runner, punctuate the decor. Every sitting area invites comfort, and all furnishings facilitate entertaining family and friends.

The Lott and Powell clan maxing, relaxing, and cheesing in this great space.

…and then came the joy of Tatum Lott!!

Tucker and Denice flanked by their children, left to right, Aria, Iman, and JRyan during the annual The Soul of Santa event. Click the link below to see what the foundation is all about.

The Soul of Santa

FYI:  If one of the Lott’s daughters looks familiar it is because she is a Garden Spices Guest Contributor, Aria Lott!

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