Release Me: by AriaCamille

Perfect.  Remedy for all pain, Guest Contributor, AriaCamille sings with beauty and passion, Release Me.  I asked AriaCamille what inspired her to pen this song.  -Victorine

“So there was a battle between who I knew God called me to be, who I knew I was just as a person, and who I was allowing myself to be, based on other people’s opinions of me based on my disability only, based on words, and not based on the Holy Spirit who dwells in me I was holding on to things that didn’t matter

I had to ask God for help because the weight of everything I was holding onto was entirely too heavy. It was like it was breaking me down from the inside out. I think it was probably the cause of more seizures, definitely more weight gain

These circumstances were just a perfect toxic storm, and I needed relief. Writing has always been one of those releases for me, and I penned this song in a very personal outcry to God for release from the things that I felt were too heavy for me at that time. I needed God to take back control that I didn’t realize or maybe want to admit I’d taken.” – AriaCamille


Aria L-AriaCamille

AriaCamille is a person who is continuing to evolve through sharing her experience and is finding there is not only power in the love of God, but power in using her own successes and failures to encourage others to push until they cross the finish line. Aria is a joyful soul. She has experienced much to the contrary but realizes our belief in the possibility or existence of joy is what makes it tangible and challenges you to open yourself up to the possibility of joy and see what happens.

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