Soul: Wingery and Records


When your mom and dad have a Black business as florists for the Shoals area in Alabama; when your brother is in real estate, and when the family gives back to the community in service, it is no surprise that Thaddeus Rowell follows suit and forays into entrepreneurship.

The tiny building in Florence stayed vacant for several years before Rowell decided to place his whimsical business there. Soul: Wingery and Records boasts delicious cook-to-order wings cooked with favorable seasonings. Along with sides like fried green tomatoes, Kool-Aid, and old-school jams playing in the tiny space, the ambiance for soulful dining and musing is served. Take-out and catering are also available.

Don’t forget their loaded fries.
Chicken and Waffles, anyone?
You already know…fried green tomatoes!
If they are catering, run to the food…those wings are so delectable, they can disappear!
Customer, William Leroy Kennedy chowing down.
Garden Spices caught owner, Thaddeus Rowell, at Soul.

When catching up with Rowell, Garden Spices learned that he loves to travel and has been all over Europe. He also intimated that his entrepreneurial ventures are not finished. If they are anything like Soul: Wingery and Records, we welcome them.

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Thad’s parents’ business

Brother * sister-in-law, Theus, and Deleisha Rowell, Entint Property Management


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