Starrdust: Wisdom Of The Waking Journey

Welcome to the next best day of your life. Here and now is where your life is happening anyway, so we may as well intend it to be the best day we have lived yet – awake, mindful, and present to the fullness of each arising moment. Doing so could be called “Wisdom.”

Here and now is the only point in time and space where something can be done – whether that something is a new activity, a new way of thought, a new way of consumption, a new way of engaging life. The power of the Grand Infinite Immensity is equally present regardless of where you are in the world, in consciousness, or in your life-structures (those circumstances that you find yourself dealing with in your physical experience). Our life structures are a tangible and visible out-picturing of our inner states of awareness and activity, usually showing up as matters relating to health, relationships or finances (if not all three).

All wisdom is available in the here and now; it doesn’t suddenly appear out of the blue at some future random date. Whatever potential wisdom-expression you wish to tap into is available to you right now, and you can access it through choice-intention and energetic-attention. This wisdom-filled active engagement, through committed spiritual practice, stabilizes our life structures, bringing us an inner state of imperturbable peace, no matter what is being experienced at the physical level.

Wisdom is not waiting for a certain event, moment or series of realizations before it shows up. Wisdom doesn’t wait for the right job, the right partner, the right car, the right health. Wisdom is not bound by the time / space reality (that’s reality with a lowercase “r”); no, Wisdom is free-flowing, saturating every cell of the body / mind / spirit triune that is Who You Are in this moment. Wisdom is eternally present in the here-and-now, and simply awaits not only our recognition of it, but our activation. Activation is not a passive idea – it logically, and of necessity, follows realization. Activation takes action, where it is, where you are, how you can, and with what you have, and that very action is what then informs the next action. Wisdom is in knowing this, and working with it as a Universal Principle, and not just a nice-to-hear platitude. (Heaven knows this is something we master through practice, and there are times when I am better at doing so than others).

We shall never “arrive” in the passive sense of the word, because that would mean that the Creative Process has been brought to cessation, and that can never happen. God, the God of your own understanding, that omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omni-active Infinite Force, cannot and will not ever stop: today will evolve into tomorrow, and so will all our thought structures. We are here, in this moment, with all the knowledge of the Universe available to us, waiting for us, in back of all those thoughts, ideas, prejudices, formulae, beliefs, etc., that we use to confine and collapse our experience of life. Wisdom says, “come, you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” If Yeshua were around today he’d probably say, “Just chill out, everything’s okay. Do you really think God doesn’t have this under control?”

Become aware of how you may be blocking your own flow of good, either through beliefs about yourself, others and life, or through your own attention-placing on irrelevant and trendy things. The tyranny of trends traps the non-mindful into the repetitive behaviors and thought patterns of the sleeping masses, following the crowd, subscribing to conventional “wisdom,” “socializing” society – suffocating the flow of individuality – the pure essence of the reason for our being here on the planet.

Parrot-loving student of existential phenomenology and its psychological implications upon the human experience.


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