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By blood or love, a mama always has something life-enhancing to share.  We did a Facebook shout-out asking for memorable advice given by the mothers of our readers. ‘Did we get some good stuff!  Thank you so much for your contributions!!!!  So…

Happy Mama’s Day from Garden Spices, and remember, as my mother, Irene Basley, aka, Amon/Queen Irene,  used to say, “Don’t flirt with the weather!”   –Victorine


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My mom is Peggy Rhodes. She told me to always stay humble! Tammy D. Rhodes

Momma always said “What comes around, goes around so always do good”` Joyce Lynette Barrier, Donna Lynn Conley

 I remember her telling her daughters that she told our daddy that he could hit her once, but she wouldn’t be around for him to hit her again. Daddy was a kind, gentle man.
 The last advice my mother Lou Watson gave me was, “Ellen, put on some lipstick.” Ellen Rainwater

 My mother’s name is Carol Thomas and the most comforting advice she gave me was when I was heading into a custody hearing and I was terrified. She said “Honey, whatever happens we’ll handle it, we always do.Zen Therapeutiq

 Grandma had an accident that resulted in her death, >>Her last words were to express regret that she didn’t get to eat the ice cream that was waiting. This taught me to ALWAYS EAT DESSERT FIRST!  Rebecca Marie Santos


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When I was 12, and forming my first (non sibling) SINGING GROUP, to perform my songs in public, my mom told me to ditch the name I was considering, and instead, call ourselves Les Mystiques. I followed her instruction, but until this week, never realized why she felt so strongly about our name, until watching the excellent documentary series on the 60’s (thanks Tom Hanks). The Feminine Mystique was one of the most important books of that tumultuous WORLD changing decade, and it highly affected my mother, Virginia Dabney Bruce Heverly Miles, and I am SURE most of her woman friends as well! Laurel Heverly Heiss

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Janet Spencer, Storm Spencer’s mum would say on bad day, chin up, tighten high heels and keep moving forward.  Janet Spencer
 Yes she would!  Storm Spencer

My mom’s name was Rosemarie -her best advice – Laughter is the best medicine!
Linda Isbell


Not so much advice but example. My mama, Suzanne, never held her belches in. She also trained me to drink from the kitchen faucet so I wouldn’t mess up a glass. I still do this.    Sarah Gaede

My mom’s name was Odessa Crossley, she said don’t let anybody tell you what to do. She said think for yourself! Sheila Hayes-Smiley

Mom always said “Why buy the cow when the milk is free”. I now tell my girls the same thing. You know who mom is. Ida Thompson-Johnson (I do.  Bertie Mae Thompson!!)

Mary Moore said “Sit like a lady with your knees together and feet crossed at the ankles tucked under your chair, and don’t chew gum in public! Le Traylor



My mom always said- associate with the rich and then get married…haha- She never did ;nor did I!  Wynn Wachtler Jeter

My mother Candus Caldwell, told me that I had to learn to like and love three individuals, Me, Myself and I. Because they will always be with you. Angelina Brown

My mom, Nelia Westenberger would say; Let it sit. Be it potatoes for potato salad, eggs for deviling, chicken in buttermilk or a big decision, emotions, whatever, let it sit. Michelle Westenberger Carrico

My mom, Rita Chidoni, has always and still tells me not to worry when I’m stressing about a situation because God never gives us more than what we can handle. This comes from a woman who lost her mother and first born daughter a year apart while her son was active duty in Iraq during both deaths. Rachel Bolton

My adopted mother/grandmother (Mary Belle Allen) said: watch & pray, bcuz ppl can fix their mouths to say anything; go by what they do…my biological mother (Elizabeth Diane Davis.😇 ) said: look to the stars– your eyes, your smile, and your dreams are as bright as those stars are. Annetta Allen

“Always leave a room better than you found it.” Dorothy Nance.  Leslie Vance


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When you’re feeling down, look around and find someone to help. -Lou CoxChristy Garner Torriero

Muriel Ruth Yarbrough – Just be you. Robert Yarbrough

My mom’s greatest words will always ring in my ears: Pray Without Ceasing. Zenobia Grubbs

My mom, Jeannie Smith always says, “where there is will, there is a way!!” Charlene Holland Jordan

My Mom, Minnie Smith, always told me, “You can’t have clean food, in a dirty kitchen!” LOL Louis Sibbie

My mother Mary Catherine Thompson always taught us to give, she said a closed hand can’t receive anything.  Jeanette Cook

She always left me notes saying “DSC” (do something constructive). Her name was Mary Nelle. Anne Ray

My mom’s name was Helen Thompson. Her advice was to treat everyone with kindness and respect that we all put our pants on the same way No one was better than anyone and I have lived that and taught my family the same and truly think God has blessed me from living that way. Vicki Thompson-Estis Gandy


My great grandmother-Kathleen Ray – “Love is the tingle in your heart; if it moves to your pants you should run.” Danielle Kirkland

Elizabeth Campbell- “Learn homemaking in High School Home Economics class. ” Hah! I learned homemaking doing all the chores she gave me! I did learn to read recipes in Home Ec class. Wanda Gail Campbell


My Mother/Gma, Mary L. Harris aka “Lil Mama” always told me “Baby, Get Ur Education & Be able to Take care of Urself. Never Depend on a Man or anyone for Anything! If U Have a Husband that’s Great but if U don’t Ur Still Gona B Just Fine. D’Arcy Harris Jones

 You can not make all the parties – pick one and you will still have fun per Elsie M. Dudley from Sheila Dudley White

 Mom’s most timely advice. “stop putting your money in your purse. Keep your money and keys in your pocket” At the kitchen table I did as she asked to get her off my case. On the way home from work that night I was robbed at gunpoint and the man took my purse!  Susan Peters

 Treat people like you want to be treated. Tyrone Banks

Donnie, Don’t worry what people say; you do what feels right for you!Donald Leighton Crossley

Think for yourself. Diane Walton Butler