Stepping Stones

"In The Shadow Of The Capitol", by Marion Palfi, 1948.

“In The Shadow Of The Capitol”, by Marion Palfi, 1948.

Such times in America.  Racial division, tragedies, and an unparalleled expression of understanding for the need of compassion, justice, and diversity.  Many poured out their hearts on Facebook.  Here are a few of those posts:

E.M. Green

July 9th

 There is a difference between being angry and blind hate. Let us not let hate blind us. It is justified to be angry. It is expected to be angry. For decades people have had every right to be angry.

But blind, indiscriminate hate is what we are fighting AGAINST. That’s what we’re angry ABOUT. Becoming those who pull you down is no way to push yourself back up. You can’t get up after that.

My heart is with the officers killed by hate.

My heart is with all of those unfairly killed by prejudice.

Those two concepts and emotions can coexist in the same brain. Don’t think that just because I type Black Lives Matter it means that I think that all cops should die. Don’t think just because I say that the death of those officers was terrible it means that I no longer campaign for recognition of the prejudice against black lives which lead to their deaths.

That couldn’t be further from the point.

My fellow humans are dying. My fellow humans are being killed. In my country. In other countries. And it makes me angry. And it makes me sad. And it makes me want to Love everybody, because it’s the only thing I can think to do. And so I write it down because that’s what my self needs to do.

I love you all so much. Please never doubt that.


E.M. Green






The last 48 hours have hit me differently.. Maybe it’s Castile, maybe it’s Dallas , maybe it’s all the labels being placed on people for their career choice or race, maybe it’s even realizing that by dividing and destroying each other due to “bad people” within races or police force is creating this war against each other. We as Americans are sitting in a place of defense against each other and it’s scary. White , black ( and all other races) as well as police officers are being put in positions to question each other resulting in hateful , judgmental and reactive things being said and done to each other, unfortunately going as far as murder. Im truly praying for understanding, and guidance, my heart breaks for all families involved in the tragedies and for everyone that feels in fear due to occupation or race when they leave their house. I choose to stand united with the people that want to make a difference and I will not make that choice based on the color of your skin or the badge you put on , I make that choice based on the desire of your heart.


Christy Amodeo Williams and daughter, Kaylee Goldston







So… what are we going to do about it?
Get Educated
Know the law
Know your rights
Support and encourage your fellow brothers and sisters. There is strength in numbers
Change the way we do life
Act responsibly
Act with integrity
Stop tearing each other down
Protect and defend each other, legally
Make sure we are doing what we are suppose to be doing


We cannot continue to do things the way we have been and expect things to change. We MUST educate ourselves. We MUST do something differently. ‪#‎saysomething‬

Nicole West

Nicole West





21 hrs ·Natalie Burt

 Years ago I realized that the cultures of other countries are studied, discussed, and acknowledged. I have close relationships with people who are not the same color as me, but that’s the best way they learn about me and those who look like me. I am asked and get to discuss certain cultural characteristics of black culture. I get to ask and discuss certain cultural characteristics of white culture. So I guess I’m saying we should take time to know others and maybe that could solve some issues, concerns, and fears that cause tragic events and problems among us. You dont have to fear the unknown and be prejudgemental. My challenge for each person is to get out of your box and get to know your fellow American citizens!!!

Natalie Burt







A student left this note outside the school where Philando Castile worked. (Photo: Ben Garvin) KARE 11