Stepping Stones: Goin’ In: obob-Our Bodies, Our Business


…Indeed!  This adage identifies the spiritual solution to trauma – collective consciousness /village.  Advocates for racial justice and reproductive and childcare rights, Project Say Something  is using its platform to provide resources for Black women.  This piece gives a glimpse of what obob, the initiative, offered and its intention to serve the community monthly. –Victorine


“The most disrespected person in America, is the Black woman. The most un-protected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America, is the Black woman.”  – X


“Our Bodies Our Business” is a project promoting self-care and reproductive education to Black people with vaginas in North Alabama. As a response to the recent Dobbs vs JWHO decision and an influx of need requests from Black mothers in the area, we want to create supportive spaces for Black families and bring together our community.

Every third Saturday starting Oct. 22, 2022, Project Say Something will provide free daycare ( courtesy of Focus Scope ) to Black mothers who attend the event, giving them the opportunity to unwind, unpack, and learn more about how to care for their bodies. The event will Include free food, self care activities, free emergency contraceptives and more. This event is not exclusive to mothers.”


Gabrielle Fuqua

“Last night’s “our bodies, our business” program was absolutely necessary and needed, filled with delicious food, fellowship, dancing, excellent speakers, and poetry. during the program, i found myself getting choked up because i couldn’t help but think about how much easier navigating life as a Black womxn would have been if i had had a safe space such as this. 🖤
i’m sending this post out as a beacon to local Black womxn in the area who want to be in community with other Black womxn, and learn more about self-care, reproductive, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. we deserve spaces where we can learn to care for ourselves and for one another.
“our bodies, our business” will take place each 3rd saturday at the handy recreation center, where participants can receive free child care, a meal, and more. a big special thanks to Camille, Vicki, and all who organized this event — thank you for keeping Black womxn in mind and creating a shared space for us.”
– Gabrielle Fuqua

An exuberant welcome from Founder/Executive DirectorCamille Bennett


Dr. Deborah Carter, giving the A-Zs on healthy living.

Gabrielle Fuqua, who sang Feelin’ Good by Nina Siimone and Kasmine Roach, who slammed her poem, Childhood Friend

Founder Camille gazing at Mama G. pitching the need to vote

Photographs by Lacey Davis

 A Poem recited by Author, Performance Artist/Activist, and Project Say Something member, Kasmine Roach

Childhood Friend

The warmth of your arms
Providing a sense of safety and security
The attention from you meant the world to me
To know your eyes illuminated just by the thought of me
To realize I was special and deserved your love
Was the assurance I needed
Your validation was my desire
Even after I learned you were a liar
And you manipulated our friendship;
You told me I could trust you
You told me I was safe with you
My naïveté empowered your predatory intention
My unwillingness to say yes to you
Only caused uncomfortable tension
The warmth of your arms
Heated my body without my consent
Your eyes illumination just simply meant
That you truly saw my body
Just to objectify me
I didn’t know that I could say no
I just wanted you to love me
I didn’t know I was valuable
Malleable was my mind to trust you with my innocence that you stole
To care about me was never your goal
Did you ever even like me?
I’ll probably never know
Did you ever respect me?
It hurts to admit the answer is no
Despite the trauma caused by you
I’ve been able to grow
Although I was silenced by your abuse and misuse of my body
I found my voice to speak up for the girl you left broken
Mending the pieces of her self esteem hasn’t been easy
But I’ve pleased me to know
That I’m more than a victim of my past
I’ve learned what true love is; what self love is at last

Kasmine Roach

Kasmine, Roach

Voice for the Voiceless

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