Stepping Stones

This issue was published November 4, 2016, near the end of one of the most contentious Presidential campaigns ever waged in America.  This, among other controversial issues world-round, finds us searching for a way to relieve stress from the turmoil of this inevitable paradigm shift.


 I asked our readers to define what peace means to them.  During the upcoming holidays and every holy day of your lives, I ask all of you to find that state of being – peace. It is within you.

Peace – A mind free and clear of worry. – Jerri Ragland

The absence of conflict & the presence of comfort & joy.
Janis Merrill Gipson

Storm May CoverPeace is usually considered the ideal state: a clear mind and conscious, a lack of violence and conflict, harmony with one’s self and others. However, if you really dig deeper into peace and what it is, then it becomes a very messy word and much harder to define what it would look like and better yet, how to achieve it.
On the global scale, look at what is happening in foreign countries. There are human rights violations that should infuriate any human. There are vulnerable men, women, and children being abused. However, powerful nations that have the ability to stand up to the abusers lie down and do nothing so that their own citizens can have “peace”. So at what price did that peace come from? In another aspect though, countries that are at war under the cloak of fighting for the weak/vulnerable/rights, are gaining huge profits from the war. The industrial-war complex has been a mass source of income for many, including the US, and so if we are being honest, it’s not in the best interest for some parties for the “peace” to ever be achieved.
On the individual level, it’s the same concept. We are surrounded by injustices in our daily life. One may be able to be at peace with certain aspects of themselves but I would surely hope not with life as a whole. If one was at peace with life as a whole then they have accepted and turned a blind eye to the wrong-doings around them. By doing so, they have become a silent partner to the guilty parties.

So in some ways, I feel that peace is a utopia. There is suffering either from action or the lack of it in the attempts of trying to obtain peace. Storm Spencer

Jozzy New
Complete tranquility in the storm of the times. Acting in place of reacting, with calm and focused intent to maintain peace. (takes every moment practice!) Jozzy Allman

12079458_955575321174221_1831461477423484137_nDoing what I love to do. Keeping a filter around me so that I’m aware of events while not letting them worry me deeply. A certain transcendence. Keeping the house organized, clean and tidy. Supportive friends and family. And Dogs! – Julia Carter



No stress,no negativity, Family and TRUE Friends! – Donald Crossley



I feel peace is the internal knowing that I always have the option to sing and dance come rain or shine!! – Marquetta Newell


I think peace is defined differently for each person….to me it means freedom from worry &’s that feeling of happiness & joy …it’s when you wake up in the morning & know God has brought you through & all is well.  -Sonja Humphrey Hennings

Acceptance. – Jennifer Tran

14502851_10207664954478065_3567614727099967392_nWow, Mrs. Vicki! See, this is why I luv u 2 pieces!! God has been speaking to me too– clearly & distinctly about PEACE being a central theme from now thru the end of this holiday season, Mrs. Vicki; ((I was just sharing this revelation throughout the week–that’s how key this is…)) when we have PEACE, we’re less likely to overspend, or maintain a position of discord with family during holidays, or focus on what seems to be a perceived void…Peace is the centeredness we have when we’ve taken our power back from any oppressive entity, reclaimed it as our own, and properly identified its Source in our lives. Peace is the exhale of the victorious warrior. And, it’s contagious! We all want it. – Annetta Allen

 10931461_795270713854419_1111919658898002938_o (1)
Peace is independence. Peace is freedom. Peace is love – Indrani Panerjee

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