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This Facebook post from Katy Peterson is a recipe for divine celebration of Mother’s Day.  Enjoy. – Victorine

Mom’s Recipe

Making Mom’s curry turkey soup recipe… it takes a village, two days, and a lot of dishes. Sweet fancy moses, it is the best soup ever. I miss Mom so much… every single day. Pulling the meat off the turkey carcass to make the turkey stock with the bones, I hear my mom echoing memories of her mom in the kitchen:  “Grandma used to be able to pluck a chicken (a god-awful job if ever there was one) and all the while talk about God’s glorious creation and creativity — displayed in the chicken giving its life for dinner. I never want to pluck a chicken in my life!” and we’d smile and laugh and miss Grandma.

Mom’s recipe.  “1 t curry powder… (I use more).” …”But! Wait! How much more, Mom?” She was my Google before we dreamed of an internet. My Mom’s limitless patience with my phone calls to her at work about just about everything was saintly. I remember cooking something for dinner at Mom & Dad’s house once, and after looking at the recipe said out loud from the kitchen, “I always double the garlic,” to which my Mom casually tossed out, “At least,” and it was a classic Mom understatement moment.

Mom was a foodie before the word was invented. I kid you not, we were probably the only household in the East Bay when I was a kid that had a coffee grinder and beans from Peet’s Coffee all the way in Palo Alto. Mom was coffee culture before Coffee Culture was. She was making soufflé and Indonesian satay, and some magical flank steak marinated in I only wish I knew what because it was a-MA-zing! I probably like to cook only because I love my Mom so much.

So, the onions are sautéing, the turkey stock is simmered and strained, the sous-cheffing is done, and the memories are richer than the cream I’ll use to finish the soup. I may need to throw an extra potato in there to reduce the salt — a trick taught to me, of course, by my Mom — since I cry every time I make curry turkey soup. Remembering how much she gave me, how much she taught me, how much she loved me…

I don’t know if you’d like it but trust me: this is the BEST. SOUP. EVER.

Mom’s Curry Turkey Soup Recipe

1 C diced cooked turkey salt & pepper to taste
3 C turkey broth ½ pkg frozen green beans
¼ C butter/margarine 1 t fresh or ½ t dried oregano
2 T chopped onion 1 T minced parsley
1 t curry powder (I use more) 1 can evaporated milk

or 1&2/3 C light cream

1 C diced potatoes 2 T flour
½ C diced carrots
½  C Celery, sliced


1.Melt the butter in a good-sized casserole on top of the stove and cook the onion until it is just transparent.

Stir in the curry powder and cook a minute or two longer

2.Stir in the potatoes, carrots, celery, broth, seasoning to taste, and bring to a boil.

Transfer to a slow oven, 300* and bake 10-15 minutes or cook entirely on top of stove over low heat.

3.Stir in the green beans, turkey, oregano, and parsley and continue baking/cooking about 15 minutes, or until the vegetables are barely tender, but still a little crisp.

4.Combine the milk and flour and stir in gently until well blended. The soup should be slightly thickened. Check seasoning.

Serves 4 hungry people or 6 if more food is to follow

recipe post script:

While we aspire to be the best things about our Moms, every generation learns and adds and grows. My notes on the soup:

Double the curry. Now add another dash or so until you hear your Mom’s spirit whisper, “enough honey”

We use yellow curry. But make yourself happy.

I started using fresh green beans instead of frozen. YUM! Texture, flavor, everything is better imo. Cook them when you cook the carrots and potatoes instead of waiting.

This soup can totally handle more onions, and a pretty hefty amount of salt. If the flavors don’t zing, salt away.

We’ve tried this using chicken stock when the carcass of a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey is not available and it’s still good… but home made turkey stock is way better.

If you use heavy cream, use more black pepper and/or toss in some cayenne, maybe paprika until Mamma’s spirit whispers again. Less pepper if you use lower fat cream — but why do that???? 😉

And like all goooooooood soups, this just gets better with time, and it freezes well. So does your leftover turkey stock.

Katy’s Tip:  Add naan to your grocery list to serve with the soup.

Katy and Mom.  Keeping with the theme of this issue,  “One of Mom’s favorite songs was His Eye Is On the Sparrow. I’m partial to the version from Sister Act, myself .”

-Katy Peterson

Katy Peterson is a freelance musician, composer, music mentor, activist, ordained minister, and chocolate lover who believes you have the power to light the world.