Stepping Stones

The Culture of Spirit:  A Vision


Dr. Russell Clayton



You the person will not live forever. You were born and one day you will die. In between you will graduate, get a job, get married, buy a car, buy a house, have children, grow old, and then die. That is largely the story of personhood. Most of us can honestly look back at our parents and grandparents and recognize the repetitive programming of personhood.

Programming stifles divine creativity and imagination. We are destined to repeat history unless we start educating our children on the journey of enlightenment in our homes and schools. Such an education would yield a sea of conscious children able to navigate the difficult issues ahead in the future of mankind.

Imagine a wave of children with unlimited imaginations and minds that are free of judgement because they are righteous in equality and love. A force committed to the preservation of our planet, respect for life, and freedom for the expression of unconditional love.

Dr. Russell Clayton is a Los Angeles based Physician. An OBGYN for Kaiser Permanente, he is also a poet and author of the book, Finding The Greater You – The Path To Your Soul.   Dr. Clayton was educated at The University of Chicago, University of Illinois and completed his residency in gynecology at Saint Johns Hospital in Queens, New York. Dr Clayton is a father of four, and is happily married.  He is active in his medical practice, but his passion is writing and publishing his poetry based in Spirituality and Consciousness.

, The Greater You The Journey of Awakening.

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