Last year, Wynn Wachtler Jeter and artist, Michael Banks started a progressive poem on Facebook.  Here’s the thing about this exercise; it requires mostly random folks to assemble and create.  It is a collective effort, and because of its synergy, you cannot help but smile at the outcome.

I love the idea that we can come together from all over the world to blend in effort to communicate.  The exercise is a metaphor for how we define #gardenspices, which is why I asked Wynn if we might borrow her idea, and she agreed to start us off:

By Stan Kucera – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Summer lace curtains cascade from the window
Pooling over polished wooden floors…

A Blue Bird announces the coming wonder awaiting outside the door

Children’s laughter ripples across the shaded yard from their card table lemonade stand

A gentle breeze caresses her face
Waking her softly to the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen

She smiled hopefully in that excited crinkle- eyed way

I watch from my window as children play on a trampoline in the street. It’s still too early to come in and avoid the heat

Her soul welcomes them to her tranquility, a cool retreat.

Wafting gently as the rain falls the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls into the distance

This room with the soft curtains and polished floors has witnessed many events but today is different…

Softly moving in the hot evening sun, as someone opened the big wide doors!!!

The smell of nutmeg and pumpkin pie diffusing throughout the sunny rooms

Fall whispers.

The late evening sun, provides a luminous glow to the sky as we laugh and bond over our summer memories while sipping a fresh batch of sangria.

The turning of Wynn’s maple tree

Gratitude to our Contributors:  Pat Ricks Brewer, Diane Walton Butler, Vicki Goldston, Laurel Heverly Heiss, Linda Dunn Isbell, Wynn Wachtler Jeter, Chondra Collette Jones, Edna Sullins Jones, Flora Kayfan, Lugenia Radford, Sheila Hayes Smiley,