Stepping Stones : Wayne Sides – an Artist Working

“A recurring seasonal meeting of creative minds in order to let artists of all ages, backgrounds, mediums and talents network, fellowship and share.Artist Gathering:

I have been attending these gatherings since 2009. Art Gatherings were held in various venues in the Shoals area of Alabama, a casual way of mingling with artists in the community. Admittedly, as an art lover (my only credential), I was so proud to introduce Garden Spices as a way to promote the artwork of every genre. Unfortunately, there was a hiatus of a few years for the gatherings. Still, as usual, the art innovator, retired professor, musician, and photographer, Wayne Sides, opened the gate for art folks and the community at large to gather again.

First, we gathered in the McKinney Building, owned by the University of North Alabama, where we viewed bonsai trees, sang opera, and drank wine to the art backdrop. Then, even during COVID, Wayne invited us to mask up and head to the backyard of the Kennedy Douglas Art Center to ignite our artistic sensibility through poetry, song, art, and good food. His last gathering was at the Ritz, perfect for the energy Wayne creates in an intimate room. He continuously finds a way to center art in our community. I have counted on his generosity to aid me with speakers, mics, photography, anything needed to promote what he fuels and supports.

Garden Spices applauds you, Wayne Sides, for all you do, allowing/inviting us to indulge in what feeds our souls – art.Victorine

Crystalyn Allen & Amal Ezell, 2020

Ryan Huntley, Poetry 2020

She taught us opera at UNA McKinney Building, Artist Gathering 2019

Clark Mueller’s Bonsai trees, Gathering, 2019

Tara Bullinton’s Art, Gathering 2019                                                                                                                                                                                        


From the Trailer Series, Wayne Sides

Garden things are grown Series, 2012, Wayne Sides

Composer, Harpist, Anne LeBaon in her studio, Decatur, AL, , circa 1979

Delta Mali/Ascension Brothers, Number 3 Rehearsal, (Sweet Brew!), Wayne Sides


Tennessee Valley Museum of Art

Art Gallery Photos: by Abbie Hyche

Wayne & Victorine at a Florence protest