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America: A Time for Truth

Let’s take a moment to revitalize some concepts of Time and how Time influences our lives. There are some brilliant exposes on the subject of Time: scientifically, socially and spiritually. Needless to say, most of it is speculation, opinionated or unsubstantiated. But rest assured, Time affects virtually everything in the Universe, on this planet, and in your mind.

Truth has no Time: past, present or future. Truth is. It’s timeless because it is absolute. In one way or another, we all pray to The Creator, as we entrust in Him our fate. Imagine if The Creator, lied to us? The Creator is the Father of human Life. The president is a father to the American people, and to the world for that matter. When your President lies over ten-thousand times, it is not time of truth. If it were proven that religions were based on persuasion and false doctrines, when disclosed, civilizations would fall apart. The corollary to this is that the President has lied to the peoples of America, and as you are witnessing before you, America is falling apart. Check this hashtag out #TruthExposed.

With no pun intended, it’s time that we save Time, return to truth and allow civilizations to naturally flourish and not perish under untruths. Ancient and tribal languages only spoke in the present tense: i.e., in the Now. Virtually every activity was based on the “Now” time. When communicating, all was based on the moment, how the moment presented itself and how it was to be handled. Not so once Time has been given a past and a future. That’s where error was also introduced and the game of persuasion and lies found its beginnings. And so with politics, rulers, and governments, which base virtually everything they do on the pains of the past and their plans for the future. Of course, it’s then easier to persuade, manipulate or lie about the future, and worse yet, not deal with the moment at hand.

How can the President lie so much? Is he mentally off-set or are we accepting his social behavior? Then who’s really lying: him or us? Are we really being dishonest with ourselves? Time will tell. As a Holistic Psychologist, I can simply state that there are some extremely catastrophic possibilities with this situation. Uncorrected, a devasting blow will soon arrive to ameliorate the situation, and that might not be to our liking. An individual living with cancer can be heartbreaking, and living in a family with several members having to battle cancer could be overwhelming, but living in a country with cancer can be…

We must bring truth back to Time. Time routes the path for evolution and the capacity to adapt to change. Time seeded with lies undermines the very essence of Life itself, whether scientifically, socially and spiritually. Not to believe that climate change is real, borders on stupidity. Not to see people starving around the world is ignorance. Not to do anything about these ensures the end of Time as we know it.

 Sadly enough, well over two-hundred years ago, the Anglo-Irish statesman and philosopher, Edmund Burke presented…

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Obviously, we did not take heed and again we fell victim to our complacency. Will we ever take corrective action, or will Mother Earth invoke another lesson, purge and offer another civilization a chance to anchor truth? Only Time will tell.

Image attribution:  Image by Pixabay

Dr. Robert V. Gerard 

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