Stepping Stones

In Step with Artist, Tavare Hill

This coming March 1, I will be 35. I’ve lost my inspiration, my mentor Mr. Y and heart, my mother, Gail Byrd-Hill. If it wasn’t for the brothers of Omega Psi Phi fraternity Pi Nu Chapter specifically, and the superintendent of the school system of Miami-Dade County, Alberto Carvalho, I don’t know where I would be. I have the second chance to work with kids and to pass along the baton given to me, my first love of teaching art. I do not know where I will be without them. Working with our kids and Miami-Dade County public school system has inspired me to continue my journey. Something that was instilled in me by my mentor to continue to find a way to teach the kids at Miami Dade County, important to our community-at-large.



Miami-Dade County School System



It was my mother that told me, “it is better to give than it is to receive.” Through Omega Psi Phi fraternity Incorporated Pi Nu Chapter here in Miami Florida, I have found a way to give back on a larger scale. Through this Greek organization, I found a way to express myself throughout the country and get a piece of me in every household.

It has been through the woodwork of carving paddles, Shields, and boxes of all divine nine. I’ve been creating for everyone in the divine nine, and this has become my new beacon of light. And my collectors, museums, and galleries around the country have love and respect for what I’m doing in a historical sense.

Although I am truly blessed, I remain humble. When writing the books, I want them to express the importance that I had in the movement of art in the African-American culture. – Tavare Hill

-Tavare Hill, still inspired.