Stepping Stones: Artful Intentions

Mikel Elam

“I once considered the idea that our dreams were the real world and our awake state just a figment of our imagination. Of course, this consideration was the mindset of my youth with great imagination. I look forward to sleep although for many years now deep sleep has evaded me. My paintings have been described as dreamscapes. The moment I heard that I knew it was correct. The images and the environs.

The figurations which inhabit these spaces are identifiable yet fluid and sketchy in their presence. Certainly intentional. I believe the viewer is an important second half of my narrative. I make a statement and the viewer finishes my sentence . Have a great Winter Solstice. Sweet Dreams.” – Mikel Elam


“The art of intention begins the day we rise and decide in spite of external resistance within the world we will continue to move forward. Certainly no easy task by any stretch of the imagination. We must acknowledge what may be occurring around us yet not give it much importance. Treat it almost as an illusion. Only then can we build the foundation for a better life. A life of boundless possibilities. We are strong. We are powerful. We are both spirit and love. Believe you are worthy on a daily basis. Visualize the life you want. Science has suggested our brain doesn’t recognize the difference between imagination and reality. So dream big and go out to make it happen. I believe in you.” – Mikel-Elam