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Photo Collage by Khalid Scott
Goin’ In for Susan Peters
I have written poems, prose, essays and personal articles for loved ones now passed.  I cannot find my way to write about Susan.  I don’t want to talk about Susan; I want to walk like Susan.  Her legacy is to live in compassion, family/friend love, accountability, purpose, great health, advocacy, and service, service, service. .  As a publisher, I have counted on Susan for counsel, and her many referrals have become part of the Garden Spices family.  I intend to find my way to the strongest tribute I can administer to Susan- a life well-lived.
I only have two words to Susan – Thank you.

Khalid Scott
Dearest Susan,
Even though I only laid eyes on you twice in this lifetime, you were very impactful to me. I remember meeting you at the radio station as I prepared to be one of the speakers regarding a social work-related subject matter; I remember sitting down talking to you about general life things, our children, and the subject at hand. As I talk to you, it felt like I had been talking to an old friend. You were very engaging and a great listener. I cannot believe that you are no longer physically here with us, Queen, and I will miss the phone calls each year inviting me to do shows to give my clinical perspective and hearing your enthusiasm about the show/forum because the goal for you was always to educate people on how to be better. Now that you are an angel in heaven, please keep watching over us. We need you even more.
With much love and light, Khalid, your friend, and your brother.

Laree Allston – (Garden Spices Guest Contributor)

I did not find out until Christmas Eve of the death of my former coworker, friend, and fellow author, Susan. I couldn’t even write an article for this issue because her death hit me particularly hard. Susan and I met working in the same IT department at First National Bank of Chicago. We served together on the editorial board of the newsletter produced by her Customer Service division. I also had the privilege of proofreading her first two novels prior to publication. And we spurred each other on in our writings. She even took me to my first vegan restaurant.
I will miss her soft voice that always spoke wisdom to truth and could calm any raging storm. RIP, sweet Susan, my friend; you will be sorely missed.

Dr. Joyce Brown and Susan Peters



“This article is not what I was writing for this issue of Garden Spices…however, this is my catharsis moment. My sister friend, Susan D. Peters entered her eternal rest on December 16, 2022. 

On December 14, Susan shared with me she had reviewed the book Rest as Resistance for this issue of our beloved Garden Spices Magazine. I was still noodling around with several areas and had only scattered notes. Prior to our by-monthly submission, we’d always discuss the word and our feelings about it. Sometimes we had to encourage each other to stop musing and write.” (Continue)




“Susan Peters is a “Southside girl,” who lived on 46th and Woodlawn in Chicago in the 50’s.  “I grew up with my step dad, a postal worker, and my mom who was a hairdresser.” Peters lived only briefly during her childhood with her younger brother Godfrey and when her mother and biological father divorced, she and her brother lived apart. He was adopted by an “aunt” who moved with her husband to California and later became a professional musician. The siblings communicated only via late night phone calls. Her younger sister Yvonne was born to the union of her mother and her stepdad, John Anderson, who died when she was in her twenties.” (Continue)