Stepping Stones

I posed this question on Facebook, “What are you giving to 2018?”  Then, I realized the word “to” should’ve been the word,  “in!”  You responded with strong posts, your intentions of giving to self and in the universe.  Then, GS was blessed to receive a poem by Gloria Lawson Sylvester that invites us to go to a holy place 365 days a year, to peace.  Yes, we have Stepping Stones for 2018. Thank you! Victorine


Emily Emfinger Johnson –   I’m not sure what all 2018 is going to demand that I hand over (2017 took a lot out of me), but I am going to give myself the gift of grace more often than I have been. Can’t keep giving to others if I don’t give to myself too.



Melissa Blankenship-Parker –  I’m going to let 2017 have all my worry, stress, strife and negativity. 2018 will only get love, compassion, belief, faith and positivity.


Susan Peters – In 2018 I’m going to GIVE UP the notion that I have to struggle to have my efforts bear fruit. I intend to welcome and embrace the idea that through GRACE I can Co create with SPIRIT to more easily manifest my dreams. No more forced effort- I am connected to the Universe


Keith Sims













Tonya Yeargain  – I’m walking into 2018 with greater Faith and His Grace that will strengthen my everyday….#Life




Glenda WilliamsIn 2018, I would love to work with organizations that are trying to reunite the people of our communities.




Marquetta Newell – I plan to give myself a break when I’m too hard on myself and let the intuitive flow guide me in the directions that i can be of service.




Diane Walton ButlerJust to do good however and whenever I can.





Robert Yarbrough – All that I have, no holding back.




Holiday Holy Day

a time set aside

to honor the wholeness

found in all humankind


Holiday Holy Day

a time to give thanks

to honor the lavish abundance

the one song of the universe.


Holiday Holy Day

three hundred and sixty-five

a time for daily appreciation

for all that life provides.


Holiday Holy Day

a time to sanctify

our hearts and minds

for one mission

to know and radiate peace

first from inside



Holy Day

Every Day

©Gloria Lawson Sylvester