Stepping Stones

Old School Spiritual Food


“…When you know better, do better.” Maya Angelou

I believe in redemption. Because I have picked up the banner of social and racial justice, I find myself walking, talking, absorbing the historical and present-day atrocities with a fervor that posts daily the outcries of mine and the world. A very abysmal state of being has permeated my spirit in recent years. It has had its way with me, consuming my everyday actions, whirling me into a vortex of mistrust and confusion, crushing the truth of me. I know better, and I realize that to self-affirm, redeem myself, I must do better.  I must increase my spiritual food and I find I am dining on my Old School plates – Victorine.

The energy put forth by this paradigm shift can be daunting. It can discharge a reflex that triggers fear. In my spiritual camp, we use the acronym, False Evidence Appearing Real. What is my truth serum for the subjugation of the daily micro and macro aggressions experienced by marginalized communities? The truth is that we are spiritual beings experiencing a metamorphosis that must take place to allow our human existence to be better. As I “do the work” of exposing the wrongs, I can only grow in spirit by affirming the right within me. I must dispel fear. To this end, I chant and sometimes cleanse through Palo Santos or sage.  However, my daily prayer is practiced for all beings, and my meditation is one of peace.  Old School affirmation:

I am a perfect reflection of my High Ancestors and

I am willing to walk and talk in understanding who and what I am.

I know that every being is evolving, and I pray for our highest good to be manifested.

Peace be still

For me, this practice must be done daily, sometimes moment by moment. Every spiritual tradition holds true that the darkness can never consume the light. I find that now I must stop and take what I call “holy breaths” to catch myself; to come back to the reality of knowing this truth. Food.

I am an Emeritus Pastor of a small progressive church that has fed my soul for over 15 years. I find the need to declare this because while I publish a magazine and drive social media, I believe all of my work to be a form of ministry which is my purpose. I find I need to get back to publicly affirming hope and to be proactive, rather than being reactive. This was a teaching that stuck with me from the Kabbalah: It is never good to react. Reaction can only lead to chaos. Forward movement means I must be proactive, finding ways in which I can uplift the situation, whatever it may be. I am willing to seek good news (the light) to counterbalance the bad, (the darkness). My action, my food.

The presence of God is here, wherever I go, whatever I do. The light prevails.

I have been blessed to be an integral part of Living Spirit Church, now pastored by Camille Bennett. Our services take us to farms, Native mounds, other spiritual centers, but mostly to our circle in The Upper Room at our church. We have studied most faith traditions and because we are most familiar with the Christ, we mostly teach what we believe to have been his walk. It is imperative that I receive and sometimes lead discussions on how to live authentically. I no longer need the trappings of a traditional setting, but I feel that my redemption lies in making sure that I touch the ‘holy grail’ so to speak. I must come to hear, feel, affirm a chunk of collective spiritual food weekly, if not at church, then in my home. The disclaimer: 

I am open and receptive to the right and perfect people coming into my home for teaching and learning,  ultimately feeding my soul and spirit.

My table is set for 2020, and I AM ready to dine. Ase.

Centering in prayer in Thailand.

– Victorine

Originally from Chicago, Vicki Goldston, (Victorine), now calls the Shoals area home.  She has three children, (including a son-in-love), and 3 grandchildren, all who add texture to the fabric of her life.

Teaching Conscious Living through God Within You, Vicki is the Pastor Emeritus of Living Spirit Church, an Independent,  New Thought ministry, in Florence, AL. Minister Vicki is an Inspirational Speaker;  a Contributing Author of a Chicken Soup book, The Miracle of Tithing, by Mark Victor Hansen; and the author of her own book, Be S.A.F.E. (Still, Aware, Faithful, and Excellent).  She is the president of Camp Goldston Publishing, LLC. and the founder of Garden Spices MagazineShe facilitates her workshop, Abundance Therapy, and is the Founder/Facilitator of Revelations:  A Ministry.  She is also a member of the African Dance Troupe, POZA

Her slogan is: “It’s all good/God” and Minister Vicki believes “love” has the final word.