Stepping Stones

An Artist’s Perspective: Boundaries in America


We are often told how to look, talk, and live, creating a sense of inadequacy. 

We must create boundaries in our headspace to counteract these ideas. 

Creating self-realization that we are, in fact, more than good enough. 

Perhaps we are the desired ones, and the tactic is a way of weakening our naturally powerful core. 

Create boundaries from society, relationships, and things gone awry in our reasoning processes.

Creating Realization

Boundaries are something that we sometimes are not privileged to know so easily. We don’t always get the choice to set up boundaries. In fact, at one time in history, the chance to have our boundaries respected was rare among certain cultures. In modern times many of us are still having perils with this subject. 

From intimate relationships to employment, everyday life can be challenging and futile. I suggest this. Wake up and look in the mirror. Recognize and say out loud. “I Am . I Am Worthy. I Am powerful. I AM important. I Am blessed. I Am loved. ( if nothing more than by The Devine.).” 

You will begin to rise if you practice this twice daily with regular meditation and prayer. You will know the answer before it’s spoken. You will sense it. You will feel it within you. Last and probably most relevant is; you will love yourself so much; your boundaries wall will be visible to the world. I wish you great respect and love. Go forth and enjoy your newfound freedoms.

Mikel Elam


I am in search of my higher consciousness, all within the constraints of this part melanin-based vessel. Some say we arrive out of the womb already aware of our destiny. I have always gravitated toward future ideas: new approaches and ways of looking at things. I’ve been searching for humanity within the sea of infinite compassion. Simply trying to get closer to the divine. I meditate twice a day. I try to nourish my body and my soul with proper sustenance. My art practice is a continuation of these values. Often leading me into observations about this life and its consequences.

I love all of the art forms. I am most adept with pigments and painting devices. I listen to music, watch films, read constantly. Although when starting a painting, I work in silence. It gives me better clarity in developing a dialogue and a narrative within the art itself. Once the work is able to stand up; I can then begin to introduce external sounds to continue my practice.

I would say the most reoccurring theme in my work is about identity, especially in these times filled with animosity towards the skin that many of my brothers and sisters inhabit. It is within this framework my paintings are born. Art, for me, is both an evaluation and validation of our existence. We exist. We are beautiful. We are powerful and humane. We are love.

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