Stepping Stones: Goin’ In – Again and Again

Artist:  Mikel Elam
Garden Spices Magazine stands against racism of any kind and we acknowledge the acts perpetrated against all people of color. This page was created on April 14, 2021, amidst the crisis of Black men and women being lynched over and over again. We created space for those who needed to express their feelings about the incessant need to cry “Say Their Names” again and again.  – Victorine


Unfortunately, we have to think about this again and again. Another police killing of an unarmed 20-year-old Black male who showed no signs of aggression. He just wanted to flee. Perhaps he knew what would happen and it did. All while the George Floyd murder is being debated in court. I try to always look at the positive. Can’t find any here. The police thought her gun was her taser and then the Chief defends her. Both resigned today. Is resignation enough? Does Dante Wright’s death get swept away like burnt ashes from a fire pit? This image is entitled “Target Practice “ Can you guess why? – Artist, Mikel Elam

Reply from Veteran, Kathy Frederick
If you can’t tell your gun from your taser, you shouldn’t be wearing either one. Apparently, this police force doesn’t have enough ongoing training to have muscle memory. Wartime training in the military is so constant and ongoing your body knows what to do under stress without having to think about it.



Yet, another shooting, where there will be no consequences paid. I find it hard to express all the pain in words these days, I am tired of talking about peace. I am tired of talking period. So I find my voice through painting sacred images of peace. Images that can guide us all to that place called Home, and for all those who look like me to have constant reminders of the peace and love they are.
I am glad I was born in this brown sugar body, for I have inherited divine gifts beyond antiquity and a chance to help bring the ancient message of my ancestors – the message of Ubuntu “I am because you are. You are because I am”. May we all know peace and love. Ase, Aho, om Mani Padme Hum, Namaste, Amen.
(My Heart Knows the Way by Omi. Third Part of the Peace Am I mindfulness diversity series)