Suga Pearl’s Studio Kitchen: Poke Bowl, A Taste of Hawaii

All of her recipes make you swoon, but before the video concludes, listen to her words stir up truth! -Victorine

A taste of Hawaii with this bright, fresh poke bowl! So scrumptious! YouTube: SugarPearl’s Facebook: Carla Renea and SugarPearl’s



Ahi tuna seared with flax seeds

Sesame oil, ponzu. Soy sauce, and spicy mayo

POKE BOWL: Marinated ahi tuna, mango, edamame, green onions, carrot ribbons, English cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, crisp greens, spicy mayo, and sushi rice.




SugarPearl’s, LLC | Charlotte, NC

Lambchops recipe: |

Facebook LIVE: Carla Renea and SugarPearl’s | Instagram: sugarpearls_online | YouTube: SugarPearl’EASY LAMB CHOP RECIPE


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