The Address to Happiness

Light is the address of happiness, rungs towards education and pathway to knowledge. We all are on a journey to seek truth, gain experience, and clarity. Generations past have given us many gifts, inventions and discoveries to aid the world. It all started with the quest for knowledge. As we bask in this glory of light, we also receive peace of mind. I see light in my life as a letter from God. At times I have faced darkness in my life and I find God’s reply within that letter of light.

I welcome the challenges in my life. Where there is light, I believe there is shadow of the darkness. In a manner light and dark are always together. Light and dark dance together – sometimes in harmony and sometimes as rivals. Many of us in the world are disturbed and the stress levels can cause various mentally sickness. Some of us are unhappy and aspire to be joyful. We aspire peace of mind.

Quantum physics has proven from time and again that everything is in the state of a human mind. Often times we don’t know our own mind. Darkness brings along its own problems. The mind only seeks clarity and light. Understanding and awareness brings light into our life. With gentle training we can attain a healthy mind that in turn happily invites light into our life as well as the lives of people surrounding us.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Light and time can be perceived as our check book. Don’t let anybody else sign it. We must own our light and develop our flame. God installed this light that bears unbeatable power but we don’t know how to use it to our advantage. Sometimes we don’t know our power.   Sometimes we don’t want to develop that light potential, and I must admit at times I am lazy.

Our torch is in our hand. With this bright burning flame we can bring about permanent shifts and positivity in the quality of our lives. We can create Light of our own design. This shall bring us happiness, which comes from long practice, which leads to the end of suffering. The mental efforts take form of the physical efforts. Although at first it may feel like poison but at last tastes like nectar. And once it is all good and done we realize that such kind of happiness arises from the surety of one’s own mind.

Shukriya… And God bless you!

Rasila– Rasila Mamtora

Rasila Mamtora loves nature because she believes nature is the only thing that keeps us alive. She feels the energy between all living things. Rasila is an Indian woman born in small beautiful village named Limdi in Gujarat, India. She has lived in a large-joint family who care about each other. She recollects her Grandma treating her and her siblings with natural aroma medicine when they were sick. Rasila’s Grandma was a strong believer of ‘Au Naturel’. She feels she has inherited the trade genetically. Rasila feels God speaks every hour in nature and through its unlimited broadcasting system . “We must be willing to tune in. GOOD LUCK don’t forget to smile,” she says.

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  • Reply November 28, 2014

    Pratik Mamtora

    Rasila Mamtora, thank you for sharing your level of consciousness with us. I found your article very insightful.

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