The Positive Power of You: The Vibration of Abundance

Answer your first thought when you hear abundanceMoney? Winning the Lottery? An overflow of finances?  Show Me The Money? Right? And why not think of money first? Our whole existence seems rooted deep around the Money Tree. Wait, didn’t our parents tell us that tree didn’t exist? I know mine did. Most of us have been told since birth that money makes the world go ‘round. Now, as an adult, that feels like a wound-up carousel going up and down, occasionally slinging us off in the dirt, leaving us to dust ourselves off, get up and try again. 

Societal demands have inundated us and our every move with peer-pressured requirements to have more, have better, get the latest version, and so on. All while making a constant request to pay more and more. It seems everything we do needs money. So it’s no wonder we typically attach money to our first thought of abundance. Why do so many people constantly search for abundance as if it is elusive and evasive? Let’s take a look at abundance in vibrational terms ‘cause that’s what I do. 

First, let’s acknowledge that we are vibrational beings. I’m not going all scientific; you can check out Dr. Bruce Lipton or David Hawkins for that. They have extensive research to share. We do have a field of vibrational waves surrounding our physical bodies. You may have heard it called the Aura, Etheric Field, or Biofield, among others. This field interacts with the world around us much like a radio station. For example, if you choose a classic rock station, 107.3, your radio sends out a signal that connects to the broadcast at that frequency. When you tune in to that channel, you don’t know which classic rock artist or song you will hear, but it will be classic rock. You will not hear Mozart because that is being broadcast on a different frequency. The same principle applies to our vibrational field. Our thoughts are electrical impulses that send a signal out in search of connecting frequencies. When we think and feel, and speak joy, we will connect with experiences that bring us joy. So what about abundance, okay okay, here we go. 

Words are the sounds of our thoughts. As we speak of abundance, most times, we speak from a lack of abundance. We tend to speak in terms of:

  • “I don’t have enough.” 
  • “I need more money.”  
  • “How will I pay all these bills?” 
  • “I don’t know where the money will come from.” 
  • “Money don’t grow on trees.” 

When you speak and feel these words, you send out a signal that will bring about experiences that align with this frequency. Just as you don’t know which artist or song will play on your chosen radio station, you don’t know what experience will come your way. It may not always look like less money in your pocket. It may look like a flat tire— that will create less money for you. It may look like unexpected home repairs— that will create less money for you. It may look like increased premiums— that will create less money for you. If you are speaking and feeling that you don’t have enough money, you will continue to receive experiences that align with not having enough money. So then how can we align with the vibration of abundance?

Notice things you have in abundance. That can be toothpicks, I know it sounds silly, but can you truly look at a box of them and think lack? Begin noticing what you have and appreciate, and that will send a signal out to connect with more things for you to have and appreciate. 

  • Do you have lots of shoes? Is that abundance? Yes
  • Do you have an abundance of colors in your wardrobe?
  • Do you have an abundance of flowers? Or grass? Or weeds? 
  • I have an abundance of freckles. 

Hey, Abundance is Abundance!!

Say thank you every time you pay a bill. Thankfulness to pay the bills brings more reasons that support paying the bills. Notice your abundance, appreciate your abundance, and you will receive abundance. You go where your signal flows, so flow with abundance!!! 


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