There’s Always a Choice

The 24-hour news cycle continues to create new heights of fear for our global collective consciousness. We too often allow malevolent behaviors of a few to dictate our thinking but history has shown through many souls that a strongly held thought of light can banish darkness. There will always be detractors, locally and globally, but their powers lie within OUR collective hands. Allow me to share my story.

There once was an elderly gentleman who was a member of our spiritual community. He made no plans for aging and life caught up with him before he could give it proper consideration. His stellar health began to fail and his job released him. He had no interested family members. His resources quickly dwindled: financial, physical, mental and spiritual. He was diagnosed with comorbidial health challenges including early stage Alzheimer’s.  With no options to continue life, as he knew it he became depressed, mean and combative. He felt powerless.

A few of us helped him qualify for programs, move to affordable housing, get to medical appointments, shop, etc., but his declining health was calling for more daily attention. I decided it would be good if he began participating in activities at the local senior center. He was adverse to the idea–no he loathed it but I convinced him to visit the center. The director gave us a tour of the facility. Everyone warmly greeted him as he judged and rejected everyone he encountered. I knew what he was doing. He was attempting to lower all surrounding vibrations to his level. He wanted us all to be as miserable as he was. Thankfully the people at the center were not affected and I had already decided to not be moved from my higher thought. I did not know how but I knew I would be led.

Photo credit: exercise chair for seniors-Wg0io5bB

Photo credit: exercise chair for seniors-Wg0io5bB

We left and returned the following week for the scheduled aerobics class. The female instructor walked in and asked everyone to bring a chair to the center of the floor. Everyone complied except him. He remained seated. I asked him if he understood he is to get a chair and he boldly responds, “I understand nothing. I am not interested in her, her class, these people or this place. I am waiting to leave.” The instructor noticed us so the others began to look over at us as well. ALL EYES ON HIM! His plan was to create tension, confusion and embarrassment in a safe, peaceful place. These people come here 2-3    times per week to share and enjoy. He wanted to suck all the good energy out of the room. He wanted to win. He wanted me to apologize to the class, quickly sit down out of embarrassment and return him home. I looked at him and then I looked at them, looking back at me (as if they knew too). Then spirit gave me the answer.

“I will be joining the class!” I announced as I grabbed a chair and got in place. She put on the music. I executed those moves like I was JOY! The class went forth in peace and fun. His thoughts were voided. No one looked over at him again after that but I managed to sneak some looks at him. He was taken aback. He was confused and miffed. Towards the end of class I looked over and he was not there. He had moved further back and was mimicking the instructor’s moves without a chair. He was still practicing isolation and separation but he had gotten into OUR game once he realized there were no BS options available.


Mind is cause and experience is effect.

He quickly grew fond of attending aerobics even making snarky comments if I was late picking him up for his precious class. The court eventually made me his legal guardian and conservator. I served in this capacity from 2007 until his death until 2011.

It only takes one thought held in mind to create a shift. The “I” will become “We” as others stand also even if only in mind. Choose well!



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Sonja is a native of Atlanta and reformed Southern Baptist. Her travels include the US, Canada, Africa, Europe and Asia (next stop Australia or wherever spirit presents). She studied classical ballet for 13 years, piano not as long, the stock market and insurance for 20 years, business for 4 years in college, long distance hiking for 7 years, and a student of Truth principles for almost 20 years. She is a financial counselor for active duty military, educators, young professionals and seniors. She currently serves as spiritual leader of Unity of Tuscaloosa in Alabama.



  • Reply January 7, 2016


    Even as individuals, we can help others recognize their is joy in what is….great article.

  • Reply January 9, 2016


    Sonja, what a blessing you were to that gentleman. So many times for whatever reason people revert to isolation to mass their insecurities. Your kindness, interest, and persistence clearly made a difference and helped this man enjoy his later years. It is also is a testimony as to how the Lord can use us to help his saints. Although it probably was not on your mind at time, I’m sure your heavenly treasure chest received a precious deposit for all that you did for this individual. Continue to be blessed and a blessing to others.

  • Reply January 10, 2016

    Stacia Robinson

    Sonja, you are such an inspiration to all who encounter your spirit. I personally appreciate your modeling the choice of options as in this story. I am sure there are more poignant stories to share in your experience and awareness of the world. Thanks for being you!

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