This Issue: Culture!


We live it, breathe it, and have the opportunity to be open and receptive to learn about folks outside of our familial tribe. A few years ago, in our first issue, I invited ya’ll to “Jump” into the venture of exploring different cultures. This issue opens your senses to a plethora of celebrations.

Blossom, this issue, profiles and features Contributor, Bikundo Onyari, from Nairobi, Kenya. He shares his life story and the business he is cultivating as a new culture there, Life Preneur.

We learn about the richness of Black culture from Rev. Bobby’s Church, Dr. Joyce Brown’s Acculturation: Coming of Age in America’s Heartland, Marlon Haye’s Grandma and Them, and Susan Peter’s, Culture: Humanity’s Bridge. We learn the challenge of culture undefined with Adrianna Peeples, in Unknown Culture.

Rev. Dr. Wanda Gail Campbell ‘jumped’ in with Pay Attention- You Can Learn from Another Culture, and Richard McKay marvels in his discovery of New Mexico in Being Reborn Culturally. Guest Contributor William Leroy Kennedy invites us to the importance of the culture of education, in The Culture of Education that Every Child Needs, and we even get the wit and whimsy of Collette Jones in Cultural Game of Thrones and Dr. Robert Gerard in Cinderella, Ph.D. All of our Contributors enlighten us with their cultural experiences.

We are still a coalition of rainbow dreams, exploring how we find our way to the inclusion of all beings, no matter what their race/culture/faith/non-faith/gender. We are one garden, and we invite you to fall into the plush cushion of this reality.

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston
Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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