This Issue: Direction!

Loved Ones!

Where are you going? What is in store for you in the milleu of the universe? Who/what is guiding you? Garden Spices Contributors take on all of the above in splendid form. Columnist, Marquetta LaRae is our Featured Image, and In The Positive Power of You:  Directional Flow, she reminds us that we have to start with “awareness” of thought to promote our direction.  Each Contributor takes us on the journey of the initiation of their arrows, where they pointed, and how they landed.

Marquetta LaRae

In Direction:  Which Way is Up?, by Dr. Joyce Brown, and Thanks for Listening:  Life Directions, by William Leroy Kennedy,we learn how community can impact one’s direction; while in Which Way Do I Go, Rev. Dr. Bobby Yarbrough  navigates change. In Causal Direction, by Dr. Robert V. Gerard, reminds us we can take time to identify our direction, Barbara Hill reminds us to Follow Directions, Marlon S. Hayes shifts direction in The Course Shifted Again and Susan Peters cautions us to simply Stop and contemplate which way we need to go. When we need fresh air, Ute Bonn invites to her Sacred Sanctuary of animals and music telling us to Take Time to Change. Of course,  we always welcome Art and Cuisine, but what happens when you are directing a museum of art?

In Direction in Creative Relationship, an Emergent Strategy , Christi Britten shares a perspective on what sustains the viability of a creative entity, like a museum.  The proof in the pudding is Darshan Comes to Tuscumbia,  a Tennessee Museum of Art sponsored festival, where we experience the depths of Indian art in America.  We meet two contemporary Indian artists, Lhabdi Shah and Kuntal Patel. 

Foundational Power:  Art by Cecilia Lamptrey Botchway tickles our imagination and supports the power of women, and we explore urban city scapes with Jonathan Carter in Urban Exploration. 

While we contemplate our direction, we might as well eat, and Mi Casa, Su Casa:  Janis Gipson sits us down with a hearty quiche.   Sugar Pearl’s Carla Renae has us cooking with her; this with Crawfish and Mac n’ Cheese and Steak (Rhianna) Rockefeller.

For dessert, An Artist Perspetcive: Mikel Elam,  gives us dreams and compassion becoming our pathway, and  Stephen Abban Junior guides our path with The Pacesetter.  We journey forth.

Garden Gate Open!

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine













  • Reply May 4, 2022

    Amita Bhakta

    Vicki your Garden Spice Magazine is phenomenal, I have been reading it for past two hours and can’t stop. So many wonderful wonderful articles, and ahhhh amazing photography, unparallel writing I am in love of…and my words are falling short in phrasing and praising in describing what a wealth this magazine is to me. All I can say at this point is I am sorry I had not explored your magazin in depth in past. Because, I am old fashioned paper reader but you have turned me on to reading from my phone. For past hour and half back of my mind is telling me to go upstairs to my desktop to read but still sitting at breakfast table with my coffee which has gone cold….and I am yet to switch away from your magazine. My friend I am truly feel honored and proud to be in your circle of people, to be recipient of your attention, love (which you freely bestow on me) and writing about me, Darshan, and all what All you do. Take good care of yourself. ❤

    • Reply May 4, 2022

      Vicki Goldston

      Thank you for the outpouring of work you do to enhance our community. Please feel free to contribute to GS anytime, and invite other artists and writers to join our family.

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