This Issue: Flow!

Laquanda (Que) Simpson

How do we determine if we are in the flow? Do we ascertain a certain feeling that defines a level of comfort?  You bet we do!  We feel we are flowing when all things are operating in concert, and we know when we are out of sync.  This issue, we open our gate to the many processes of finding and keeping our flow.

The image of frequent Garden Spices Contributor, LaQuanda (Que) Simpson is featured on this issue of Garden Spices, not because she contributed an article, but because she is the epitome of flow-ability.  Through her Facebook posts,we catch Que gardening and nature-walking, and we can feel her joy.  She is always in the moment.  It’s what Contributor RJ Starr talks about in his article, Resting as Flow, “a clear, alert, spacious, cognizant, always already present awareness.”

Awareness is the key, and Guest Contributor, Jernita Randolph, gives us The Panama Experience.  She captures the many dimensions of this country and the idea of flowing through its different facades of touring locations. We peek into the studio of Guest Contributor, Anna Arnold, and discover that she is her own work in progress, jumping back into flow of creating her vibrant art.  Contributor, Marlon Hayes had to find his mojo.  All of our contributors take us to their own personal places of unfolding and understanding of what keeps them in the state of awareness, of being in the flow.

Gate Open!

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor in Chief


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