This Issue: Freedom (of Choice)

Camille & Taurus Bennett, with a sea of lights at Florence, AL vigil.

The truth is, we explored the topic, “Freedom” in a previous issue.  However my spirit spoke the word, and the writers had the option of choosing their own topic.  Most of them chose Freedom.  I know why; so much has transpired that challenges our sense of freedom.  We ponder the choice of allegiance to new governments, our health care, whom we accept to live with and not, whom and how to speak, protest, and take action with or against, all with an awakening through a solar eclipse.  We know we must change, and we are reminded that to be free, we must choose it. Freedom is pondered worldwide, and we open our Gates to hear voices of our Contributors.

Our featured image is from a vigil held in our small Alabama town, Florence, for those killed during a protest against a white supremacy march in Charlottesville, VA. A diverse population stood in reverence for love, not hate. The eyes in the picture, both challenge us and give us hope, and the candles symbolize what we know to be true, light trumps darkness.

During his career as a reporter, our Guest Contributor, Monroe Anderson, has experienced the  darkness of protests in Chicago. In Hoping Denver 2008 won’t be Chicago 1968, Anderson gives us a glimpse of what it was like to be a reporter at the Democratic National Convention in 1968 and his hopes for the DNC, 2008.

Jennifer Patton tells us what freedom from traditional therapy for Fibromyalgia (FMC) looks like.  We are taken to the multidimensional artwork of Patricia J. Stewart and furniture transformed by Debra Flint-Salter.  From South Africa to Alabama, our Contributors talk of being free to be.  We hold our candles, always in the light of truth, and we welcome you.

Gate open,

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