This Issue: Harmony!

Don’t sing a familiar song around me; I have to try to harmonize with you.  Not always pleasing to the ear, my voice sometimes belies my intention to make beautiful music.  However, it is the intention that counts.  Although our music may be off-key, we are challenged this new year to hit the keys; to set the intention of finding harmony in our lives and with others.  Easy task, harmony?  Not so much.  It takes all the awareness and compassion we can muster.

Blossom profiled Contributor, Rev. Robert Yarbrough, (featured image), and discovered his life included a walk through the Civil Rights movement – a call for harmony.  In Huge Topic – Harmony, Dr. Wanda Gail Campbell reminds us that “balance” is part of our equation and shares how to get out of our own way to go within to “dance” into harmony. As Contributor, Susan Peters celebrates marital harmony in Marital Harmony Strikes a Cord, in The Kitchen Maestro,Contributor, Dr. Joyce Brown takes us to her mama’s cooking ingenuity to teach us to weather disharmony.  We sing an Earthsong with Guest Contributor, Richard MacKay, and we wander back to simpler times with the visionary artwork of Guest Contributor, Dr. Lisa Cain.

Each Contributor shares a song that resonates with our theme, and we are so grateful to begin 2019 with voices that take us to a dimension of exploration, experience, expression, and hope. Hit the key, “dance,” take the challenge and find harmony within.

Gate open! 

Vicki Goldston, aka Victorine
Founder, Editor-in-Chief





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