This Issue: Health!

Sawasdee krab/ka! Hello!

I went to Bangkok!!! I was in sensory overdrive with the beauty and splendor of the temples, food, markets, and the people.  I’ll share some of the wonder of my experience in Scanning Bangkok, but I am ashamed to describe what I felt about my health during my trip — pain!  My walking, climbing, and cycling screamed at my physical state, and I knew I had to commit to you to do better.  I am encouraged by all of our contributors this issue.


Health is such a vital part of the life of Contributor, Susan Peters, our Contributor featured in Blossom, page 2. We will discover a bit of her regimen for mind, body, and spirit, much of it derived from her life lessons in Liberia.

In Mind+Body+Soul=Temple,  page 1, Contributor, Collette Jones invites us to get moving, and I Wanna See More of the Story, page 2, by Contributor, Marlon Hayes, as well as Give Me Vitality, page 1., by Guest Contributor, Tekla Syers tell us why we should embrace life. I’m Still Standing, page 1, Rosalind Jackson-Stewart, shares her navigation through a stroke and its aftermath and we will hear about new modalities for exploring treatment for heart disease with New Directions: Here’s to Your Heallth, page 1., by Columnist, Linda Isbell.   From the plate of Hinduism, Food for Thought, page 1., Guest Contributor, Monita Soni, MD reflects upon awareness and spiritual healing.   In Adrianna Peeples:  A Cavernous Angioma Survivor, page 1, we learn about this rare condition and champion one of its survivors, Guest Contributor, Adrianna Peeples.

Mental health and spiritual help are also within the pages of this issue.  All of our contributors share how health considerations have impacted their being and all share their intention to remain vital.

What a way to spring into a new season.  Gate open!









Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief







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