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Loved Ones,

Our featured image by photographer David Rhodes portrays the beauty and fragility of a child. He captured her fatigue of waiting; we are all waiting for the world to come together, and we must be the catalyst.  We are about to spring forward, and we must do it with purpose, lessons learned, and insight. Where do we start? Of course, as individuals, we do what we can, positively impacting conditions. However, we look to the children for hope, the innocents that know so much more than we do about love before we get our hands on them. We instill insight into the possibility and action of healing the world.

Darreon Carbin is what healing looks like.  At 21, he is finding his way through photography as art therapy in UndiagnosedLaurel Heverly Heiss shares her grandfather’s influences and lessons she experienced during her childhood in The Positive Influence of “Lincoln McKinley Earl De La Monte Heverly de Heverly.” Dr. Joyce Brown discusses how our education system must be broadened in her Insight on Education. In Proper Use of Insurance, William Leroy Kennedy suggests how we may secure finances to enable our children to thrive and allow us to grow old with security.

Insightful Aging, by Contributor Susan Peters, explores growing old gracefully . And we yield to our intuition to guide us in Rev. Dr. Robert Yarbrough’s An Awesome Gift. In Awareness of Insight, Contributor Dr. Robert V. Gerard explores good vs. evil and the quest of starting with insight. Finally, a perspective from his book, Love and Healing, Dr. Russell Clayton invites us to be aware of our unique being and our ability to increase our vibration by living in the moment, and Frank Malaba shares his unapologetic truth  in Perfection Can Shove It.

Our global artists have their language of healing and activism. We welcome Guest Contributors Luis Peralta Del Valle, Mikel Elam, Clement Larvae (C-kle), Verleana Johnson, David Rhodes, and Gafar Oluwabori Quahar. Finally, we seal our healing with divine cuisine by Sarin Basley, and Janis Gipson. And a humorous story about the fabulous Harold’s Chicken punctuates Indria Perrilloux’s cuisine. 

We welcome back Guest Contributor Faeez Van Dorsen from South Africa for his Voices in Flight colloquial humor about a Parker Pen, and we welcome your insight on what you discover in our pages.

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  • Reply March 5, 2022

    Richard MacKay

    Sorry, I’ve been out of touch with your mag, and I’m presently putting together a book of poems and thoughts that have been been inspired and instigated by the sad and horrible events in Ukraine, which I think can be a mirror reflecting events in our side of the “theatre of the world”. I did not even know much about the country and people of Ukraine before the current onslaught of events.

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