This Issue: Journey(s)!

Katy Petersen and her wife, Donna L. Conley

Now, more than ever, we are beckoned to be what we want to see in the world. We summons and reflect upon our journey(s) of the past to realize who we are today and to envision our future.   As usual, the basket we weave is a myriad of colors, some depicting a healing process, some remembering treks made, and some anticipating life ventures.

Our rite of passage welcomes us through an invitation to Begin with Beauty, by Guest Contributor, Elise Matich.  Our contributions from South Africa come from  Guest Contributor Frank Malaba, who invites us to the splendor of his travels in Coming Home and disclosure in Boys, Shame, Fault. We breathe through the powerful Facebook Posts of Faeez Van Doorsen, also from South Africa.  Annetta Deshawn Davis Allen Cole, Guest Contributor, shares her personal journey, Arriving with Dignity, and we visit the horrors of the Holocaust with Guest Contributor, Ute Bonn, in Paying Respect to Survivors:  A Journey Home.

The featured image is  Guest Contributor, Katy Petersen, pictured with her wife, Donna L. Conley, who shares her reflections on the Women’s March, a Tidal Wave of Momentum, but we hold precious every word contributed to our mission, as we journey forth.

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, a.k.a., Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief




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