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Always ready to go serve!  Susan Peters

Loved Ones!

Past flyer:  The Community Health Focus Hour is the University of Chicago Medicine’s weekly talk radio show on WVON 1690 AM. Each week, one of our hosts facilitates an interactive discussion exploring a specific health topic affecting our communities. Featured guests may include physicians, researchers, community leaders, patients and others. Listeners are encouraged to call in and contribute to the conversation.

This is the season of gratitude and gifts, but Garden Spices is celebrating the most powerful contribution we can give to society – the ability to serve. Perhaps you recognize the woman featured on our cover, Susan Peters. She is one of our chief contributors to the mission of Garden Spices, but she is also the CEO of Sunrise Consulting and partners with the University of Chicago to produce a community radio talk show, Community Health Focus Hour. I’m tagged weekly about the professionals and the content appearing on this interactive talk show, which provides information and a forum about all matters of health. Beyond producing the program, she also appears as a guest from time to time. Peters is also an award-winning author, gardener, mom, and grandmom. Yes, she is serving strong. And she is not alone.

Garden Spices Contributors have opened the global consciousness for serving humankind in mindful ways. Understanding the importance of setting the stage for serving others, we tap into this frequency by taking care of ourselves. The Service Frequency, by Marquetta LaRae, and Serving Therapy/Love, by Dr. Russell Clayton, invite us to indulge in self-care to be ready to help others. Beyond readiness, Contributor William Leroy Kennedy asks, How Can I be of Service to Others? And the answers pour in: Moving Beyond Yourself, Dr. Robert Yarbrough, Called to Serve, Dr. Joyce Brown, How We Learned to Serve, Ute Bonn, I Serve, and Thoughts and Words, Tekla A. Syers, Collaborations to Confidence, Mikel Elam. And we understand from Susan Peters that imprisonment can elude redemption by Serving a Permanent Sentence. Finally, we look to where we are aiming in “In Service for My Highest Good”, by Dr. Robert V. Gerard.

Beyond our minds, we must also serve the greater good of our bodies. While This Here Body of Mine is Frank Malaba’s ode to his body, in After the Rain Teaze, Guest Contributor Yasir Khalid teaches us about the powerful beauty of tea for health and wholeness. We need food like Guest Contributors Jennifer Tester and BJ Harris provide in Shoals Shack to make us thrive. And while Mi Casa, Su Casa’s Janis Gipson shares one of her precious recipes, Coconut Creamed Collards, Sugar Pearl’s Carla Renae is cooking Something(s) Fishy. 

We remember the upcoming Season celebrations. For the Love of Christmas and Dolls is a beautifully wrapped present from Guest Contributor Rhonda Hardy. And, as we do annually, we pay homage to all celebrations of light, wishing a Happy Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Id al-Fitr, Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas, and Kwanzaa!

Another thing Garden Spices recognizes is the timeliness of this issue. Tomorrow is the day we celebrate the right to VOTE. We do not take this opportunity for granted and hope to see democracy thrive in the universe. Our mission:

The mission of Garden Spices Magazine is to explore and celebrate differences through the lens of people of various ethnicities, beliefs, genders, physical and mental abilities in hopes of finding the core of understanding and realizing that we are all part of a universal garden. 

Gate open!

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