This issue: Shelter!


Happy Anniversary to us!!

Another year of the vital existence of this messenger. This celebrates five years of core and guest Contributions, avid fans, and abundant blessings – all defining Garden Spices Magazine. We have found our shelter in contributing to this mission and covered many folks with an outpouring of Modalities, Beliefs, Perspectives, Art, and the rest of the Categories of plants in our garden:

The mission of Garden Spices Magazine is to explore and celebrate differences through the lens of people of various ethnicity, beliefs, genders, physical and mental abilities in hopes of finding the core of understanding and realization that we are all part of a universal garden.

Blossom features Dr. Joyce Brown this issue. We venture into her family’s experience in the Great Migration, and we learn about the strength and resilience of our Contributor’s foundation. We meet Guest Contributor, Christopher Smith and discover Lena & Me, a journey of self-affirmation. In Goin’ In: Shelter, What Shelter, Susan Peters challenges us to remember the values that covered us in the past. Guest Contributor, Victoria Lee Antoine-Fisher, shares the shelter and healing of her self-portraits, and every Contributor found their way through examining what shelter means to them.

We wish to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support of this mission. You are our shelter, covering us with the safety of manifesting our vision. And now,

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine Founder, Editor-in-Chief GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE







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  • Reply July 9, 2019

    Deborah Gray-Young

    Shelter, What Shelter?

    My good friend Susan D. Peters, once again asks a critical question for us to consider and then provides a perspective that threatens to be cast to the winds.

    “Today there is a confusing pot of diversity simmering on a slow burner while a rip-roaring flame of racism and suppressed bigotry seems to be unchecked by regular decent folks.”

    “…I find myself wanting to run for cover, and there is no cover.”

    So agree with you Susan, so I have decided to shelter in place. That’s the most and best I can do right now.

    Your fan, friend and fellow writer,

    D. Gray-Young
    Chicago, IL

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