Tikkun Olam: Phil Abroms

Tikkun Olam, which means repair the world, is vital to the Jewish culture. It embraces the love of family, giving back to the community. Phil Abroms practices Tikkun Olam. Turn a corner at any event in the Shoals area, and you will find a smile and a camera wielded by Abroms, compelling us to feel his joy. He ‘captures’ everyone he can, whenever he can, and he is an integral part of the fabric of our community.

We asked Abroms to share some of his images, and he is allowing us to experience his love of family and faith through his images of Passover, the Jewish celebration of liberation. While we are blessed to enjoy just a few of the images of Passover at Temple B’nai Israel, Garden Spices also bows in remembrance of the tragedy in the California Synagogue during this eight-day celebration. May the message of Tikkun Olam continue to be reflected by the lens of Phil Abroms. -Victorine


Robert Adler, Barbara Sherr, Martha Rosemore Morrow, Johnny Mack Morrow, Richard Peshkin, Ken Wolf, Nancy Opler,

With Stephanie Coleman, Martin Abroms and Paula Elaine Goode

With Sybil & Adolph Abroms at Temple B’nai Israel.

With Jane Blackman Chasan, Carl Gebhardt and Robert Gephart and Nancy Tunick at Temple B’nai Israel.

With Nancy Tunick and Judy Ingle at Temple B’nai Israel.

Stephen Opler

Cameron Myles Roddy and friend

Lisa Schneider, Sara Vann Shapiro,

Phil and Karen Abroms

Indeed, Phil Abroms is a gift, capturing moments into memories in our community.


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Garden Spices Magazine

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  • Reply May 18, 2020

    Mike Underberg

    Phil always seems ready with his camera to catch those special moments that help remind us of good times. Keep it up.

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