La Maison in Midtown Huston: Urban Warmth

…Yes, the above image was our lavish suite at La Maison (LM) Midtown Houston.  Of course, we have an inside track; one of the owners,  Genora Boykin, is a cousin to my friend, Mr. K. The co-owner is Sharon Owens, and both Boykins and Owens meet the standard of their intentions – to provide a warm urban experience in Midtown Houston. I must note that you don’t need an “inside track” to experience the expeditious service and quality rendered by La Maison. Their website, (below), gives you the particulars, rates, amenities, and such, but I want to share my experience:

Mr. K. called for reservations and received the code for unlocking the entrance to the B&B.  Upon entering the lobby of LM, there is no mistaking the urban trimmings of a sophisticated reception area, yet the Southern tranquility of the parlor is also abundant through the quiet decor.  A hint of a fragrance rides the elevator with you to your room, and when the door opens, to your room, the splendor is unveiled. I mean they do not miss a beat, with everything on point. The details, down to the choice of hotel shampoo and artwork are impeccable. However, as impressive as the room was, and after ooohing and ahhing, I was hungry and ready to find somewhere to dine.

Chef G. Matthew Williams

There were a number of restaurants close by, and we were happy to walk 8-10 minutes to a Thai restaurant.  So, get this – an urban bed and breakfast with restaurants and nightlife within walking distance!  Once inside LM, it’s cool and quiet.  I slept like a baby and greeted the next day to our breakfast experience with Chef, Matthew Williams.  The breakfast was scrumptious, and because we were the only diners at the time, Williams entertained us with stories about his cooking and acting ventures in Europe.

We got the chance to visit a bit with Genora, and once you meet her, you understand the warm energy of La Maison.  (I didn’t meet Sharon, but as the decorator and curator of the art on the walls, she identified as an art lover, which made me a fan).  By the time we said our goodbyes, I knew I had to share La Maison with Garden Spices.  Pictures are worth a thousand words:











Guest Room 7


Conference Room

Dining Room









I’m a city girl, and I was happy on all fronts – chic comfort, kindness, and culture. If Houston is your destination, then indeed “escape to the city” with LaMaison in Midtown.

Co-owners, Sharon Owens and Genora Boykins

La Maison, Midtown, Houston

2800 Brazos St, Houston, TX 77006


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Meet Genora Boykins and Sharon Owens of La Maison in Midtown


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